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Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd: “there Is Going To Be Football, Period.”

Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd: “There is Going to Be Football, Period.”

Brandon Lloyd believes he’s got good sources and apparently he feels supremely confident that the NFL will have a season this fall. “There is going to be football, period,” Lloyd says in the following interview.That said, the Pro Bowl receiver certainly hasn’t minded the extra time off this offseason, taking in concerts and the Kentucky Derby to help pass some time. He also recently worked out with quarterback Tim Tebow and says the second-year signal-caller has improved his drop-back and his timing, meaning if there is a season there will almost certainly be a great debate about who should start under center for the Broncos next season.Brandon Lloyd joined 104.3 The Fan in Denver with The Drive to discuss his offseason workouts, his recent workout with Tim Tebow, why he believes there will be a season this fall and where the Broncos need to improve on offense if that indeed holds true.

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Has he been consistently working out with anyone else on the Broncos?:

“No, I think there’s a handful of guys here, there’s guys in Florida, guys in Arizona, guys travelling around. That’s what’s been pretty cool about this offseason is guys from other teams were contacting each other and getting workouts in with each other.”

How was his workout with Tim Tebow down in Florida?:

“I thought it was good. It’s better for morale going into the season when you see how good of shape guys are in. It’s kind of like, I want to see where dude’s at with his training and guys want to see where we’re at so we have some confidence going into the season. That’s how I took it. It was good to see that Tim’s improving on his drops, he’s improving on his timing, and within the first day we got into rhythm, within the first 20 minutes of it.”

In what areas does the offense need to improve?:

“We’ve got to be able to run the ball. I think that’s simple. It was a glaring weak point in our offense last year. Offensively, we’ve got to be able to run the ball because I believe a healthier run game is going to breed a healthier pass game and not rely on so many spectacular plays or deep balls.”

How weird does it feel to not be able to go to the facilities and work out and such during the lockout?:

“I feel like I’m getting pretty good information on the lockout situation and there is going to be football, period. There’s no way I’m sitting here like, we’re never going to play a season again. … I’m getting to go do a lot of things in the offseason I wasn’t able to do — going to see live music and going to the Kentucky Derby and being able to enjoy and offseason and train my body as I see fit.”

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