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Demaryius Thomas Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Controversy

Demaryius Thomas Attempts to Clear the Air, Says He’s Done Talking About Tim Tebow
April 13, 2012 – 7:00 am by Brad Gagnon
Almost singlehandedly helping to keep NFL media and fans busy and/or entertained during the mini lull that exists between free agency and the draft is Demaryius Thomas. The Denver Broncos wide receiver appeared to throw his former quarterback under the bus when he was somewhat critical of Tim Tebow on an Atlanta radio station Wednesday.

Demaryius Thomas joined KKFN in Denver in an attempt to clarify the remarks he made about Tebow.
On the reaction he’s encountered after making his comments about Tim Tebow on Wednesday:
“I’ve been hearing stuff about, Tebow made me and all this other stuff. When I had my interview, I wasn’t trying to go in the interview and just put Tebow down as a quarterback. I was just answering the questions, you know? But ever since the interview, it’s just been — I’ve been getting badmouthed left and right. Like, ‘You’re not a good receiver anyway,’ and all this and that. So I’m just looking over that.”
On his apparent implication that he didn’t have to be in top shape with Tebow at quarterback:
“What I actually said, I had tried to say something to them about, that I didn’t wanna say it like that, because when I played with Tim, you had to run a route and then maybe he had to scramble. He scrambled sometimes like — toward the end of the season, he scrambled. And you had to be in shape to get running to get open. Like, at the Steelers game, he scrambled and he threw me the first deep ball I caught. So I wasn’t saying it like that.”
On the notion that he actually meant that he’d have to be in better shape to play in Peyton Manning’s fast-paced offense:

“Yes, it was basically, from watching Peyton play, and the way he plays, and the way the coach play with Peyton, it was hurry-up, hurry-up. I’ve never been in a hurry-up offense. I was always in a offense (where) you come back to the huddle, call the play — unless it’s two minutes. I think Peyton, he does the hurry-up offense, you could be in the first quarter and with 10 minutes on the clock he’s doing the hurry-up offense. And that was basically what I was trying to get out.”
His feelings on Tim Tebow as the Broncos quarterback:
“When I first came out, I was hurt. I didn’t play much, I didn’t do nothing. So nobody knew me. And you can’t say that Tim (took) me out there because he gave me the chance to make plays. And I respect that and I love Tim for that. It wasn’t no hard feelings or nothing against Tim. He’s a great player. If we had him, I’d love to have him. If we had him still, there wouldn’t be no problem me playing with him. It’s just that we’ve got another quarterback now. I really don’t talk about much about Tim no more, since he’s not here with us.”
On leaving the subject alone now:
“Yeah, that’s the only thing I’m gonna do now. I’m not even gonna talk about it. He’s with the New York Jets, I’m proud for him. I’ve got a new quarterback, and me now, it’s all about the Denver Broncos.”
Listen to Demaryius Thomas on KKFN here (starts at 19:00)
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