DeMarco Murray Says his Broken Ankle will be Fully Healed in 2 months, is ‘proud’ of Sammy Morris’s Performance for Cowboys in Saturday Night’s Win

DeMarco Murray Says his Broken Ankle will be Fully Healed in 2 months, is ‘proud’ of Sammy Morris’s Performance for Cowboys in Saturday Night’s Win

The Dallas Cowboys season turned in the right direction when the decision was made to give rookie running back DeMarco Murray the majority of carries. In his first start against the St.Louis Rams, Murray rushed for 253 yards, breaking Emmitt Smith’s single game rushing record. Murray set a franchise record for most rushing yards (601) in a four-game span. Sadly the impressive rookie season for the third-round draft choice out of Oklahoma ended in Week 14 against the New York Giants when he fractured his right ankle on a first half carry. Murray rushed for 897 yards and two touchdowns, averaging 5.5 yards per carry, turning heads and paving the way for a big time future in Big D next season.

The good news for Cowboys fans is that Murray had successful ankle surgery and will be fully recovered in two months. That still doesn’t help the Dallas running game this week against the Eagles, but the rookie running back has liked what he’s seen out of the recently signed veteran, Sammy Morris, so far. DeMarco Murray joined ESPN Radio Las Vegas with Marty Cordova to discuss how he is feeling after surgery on his broken ankle, realizing that his ankle was broken during the Giants-Cowboys game, Jason Garrett’s words of wisdom after he walked off the field with a broken ankle, being a part of the Cowboys despite having season ending surgery, how his ankle surgery went, his time table for his recovery from ankle surgery and the performance of Sammy Morris last week against the Buccaneers.

What are you doing today after the surgery? What’s been going on the last week?

“Yeah I just had surgery last Monday, so I just started going back into some of the – actually yesterday was my first day just starting to get treatment and just hanging out. A lot of video game time in.”

Did you realize there was something severely wrong with your ankle when you tried to get up in the Giants game and you couldn’t?

“Yeah I definitely knew it wasn’t a normal ankle sprain. The first thing I heard was it pop twice and from there I knew something was bad. I’ve sprained my ankle plenty of times, but I’ve never actually hurt it or it never felt the way it did. I tried to get up and it was just bad. It was something that happened and everything happens for a reason, so I am just looking back on it now. I wish it could have been different, but hey it is what it is. I just gotta take it and get better.”

What did Jason Garrett say to you as you were coming off the field with the ankle injury?

“He said just keep your head up…just keep your head up and we’ll see what happens.”

What does it feel like after you sustain a season ending injury? Do you still feel like a part of the team or no?

“No I actually – My teammates have been calling me every day and coaches have been calling me every day, so this is the first time I’ve been hurt before and I’ve never had this weird feeling where the players call me and the coaches call me. Everybody is just stopping by and just saying what’s up and hanging out, but just being away for a week was definitely hard for me. It just messed up my whole routine. My sleeping schedule and just not being around my teammates and coaches have definitely hurt me a little bit, but I’m back up there now, so it feels good to be around the guys again.”

How did the surgery go? What did the doctors say your prognosis is for your recovery?

“I’m doing well. I’m doing well. It was an easy, simple surgery. It wasn’t something that was long enough to keep me out for not much. I’ll be…I’m running within 4 weeks. I should be 100% by about two months. I won’t miss anything.”

What did you think of Sammy Morris’s performance last week for the Cowboys? A great game coming off the couch. What did you think of that?

“I think it’s great. I had an opportunity yesterday to meet him and he’s been around a few of the coaches and players. He’s a great guy. A very hard working guy. I’m proud of him. I’m proud for him to be a teammate of mine and I’m glad he’s on the Cowboys. For him to come out there and prepare the way he did last week during practice and pick up the offense so fast and play special teams. Those are key things. Those are the guys that we need and want on the team.”

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