Despite The Rough Start DeMarcus Cousins Is Finally Starting to Adjust To Life In The NBA

Despite the Rough Start DeMarcus Cousins Is Finally Starting to Adjust to Life in the NBA

One of the most questioned prospects in the NBA draft last season, DeMarcus Cousins, has had a very rocky start to his NBA career.  Coming from an environment like Kentucky where they were ranked number one for most of the season to playing on one of the worst teams in the league has been a drastic change for him.  While Cousins has at times looked outstanding, the number one concern people have about him has been the inconsistent play.  Contrary to college, the NBA can play three or four times a week compared to that of the collegiate level.  Cousins has had multiple publicized problems with his coaching staff, and he is one of the most foul-prone big men in the league.  As 20 years old, there is plenty of time for him to turn things around.  While it is unfair to put such high expectations on a player at his age, it is somewhat deserving given where he was taken in the draft combined with how productive a player he was at the collegiate level. DeMarcus Cousins joined KHTK in Sacramento to talk about whether he regrets leaving school early, what has been the biggest challenge for him thus far, and whether he has hit the “rookie wall”.

If he misses Lexington:

“Yeah I do.  It was just a great experience.  It is something that most people will never experience in their lives and I was lucky enough to experience that.  It was the time in my life that I cherish.”

Whether he regrets leaving school early:

“No, I do not regret it.  I believe it was the best decision for me and my family, and I am going to stick with it.”

If he feels that he has been playing consistently:

“I believe so.  Right now my game is on the up and hopefully it can continue to stay that way, but I mean it was really just learning what you can and cant do at this level.”

What has been the biggest challenge for him thus far:

“I would probably say the consistency, just trying to be that same force every night.  It is a tough job to do banging with these big bodies in the Western Conference is tough.  Just being consistent every night is the toughest.”

If hearing criticism about him being “a draft bust” fuel him:

“I really don’t care but at the same time it does motivate me.  It pushes me.  For each person that ever doubted me, it is for you, and I want you to continue to be a hater.  Even if I do ever get it I just want you to continue to hate me.  That is how I like it.”

What game he considers his best yet:

“I would say the Lakers game.  That really built my confidence and it was a great win for our team, a confidence boost for our team.  I mean it was just a good all-around effort that night.  So I would probably say the Lakers game.”

Whether he has hit the “rookie wall”:

“I don’t believe so.  Hopefully I won’t.  Every time somebody brings it up to me I get a little nervous about it but hopefully I never do hit it.”

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