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D. Hall is Crying Again


There is not another guy in the NFL that I dislike more than DeAngelo Hall. In case you haven’t heard or seen the video, this past Sunday LaRon Landry hit Matt Ryan going out of bounds and that caused the ruckus. Hall ran over to the Falcons sideline and acted like he was sticking up for his teammate but was only there to cause trouble. Now he wants the NFL to do something about it because the Falcons head coach, Mike Smith, put his hands on him. All Smith was just trying to do was to get him away from the fracas and off his sideline. After Hall spent all of last week complaining about how he was treated by his former team, it didn’t come as a surprise to me that he got into some kind of confrontation Sunday. Instead of getting into fights and talking trash he needs to spend his energy learning how to tackle and play defense. DeAngelo Hall joined 106.7 the Fan in DCto talk about whether he has called Roger Goodell, whether the Falcons strength coach really said anything to him, and whether he can look at his teammates the same after not coming over to help him.

Whether he has called Roger Goodell:

“No I didn’t actually talk directly to him but I spoke to a couple of people in his office.  I spoke with our PA President man and the ball is rolling.  The ball is rolling they are reviewing the film to get to the bottom of it.  You know like I said the more and more I watch the film I just keep getting madder and madder.  I was trying to back away and couldn’t even back away because he was pulling me towards the chaos.  If they review the film they will definitely see that.”

Whether the Falcons strength coach really said  “You don’t want to do that” over and over again:

“Yeah he did he did he did.  That is exactly what he said.  I don’t know what he was trying to say.  Like I said, I was trying to back away.  LaRon had already been out of the ruckus so I was trying to back away and he was grabbing me kind of pulling me saying: You don’t want to do that.  You don’t want to do that.  And I was like man get off of me.  Get off me trying to get his hands off of me and then more and more players proceeding to come over there and grab at me and pull at me and all that other stuff.”

Whether he can look at his teammates the same after not coming over to help him:

“I have no choice then to fight with what I am working with.  I got to use what I am working out here and like you said, had that been anybody else I would have been the first one over there.  That is kind of my makeup and that is my demeanor.  You know I can’t speak for those other guys out there on the field man but whoever is out there with me I am ready to go to battle for them.  That is just how I am whether it was a verbal sparring or physical sparring I am always ready to mix it up and to see those guys kind of linger over there I don’t know what was going through their minds.  I don’t know if they thought it would be BAM BAM and everybody get up and go about their business or what.  You are right it is a little frustrating not having all the guys running over and sort of help me.  You know anytime you are on an opponent’s sideline and something goes down that whole team and they will try to get a piece of you.  I was fortunate enough that no blows were thrown it was just a lot of pushing and pulling back and forth.  Big Haynesworth finally got it going in his head to come over there and he started moving the crowd.   He was actually one of the guys that got a penalty but (Host: That is amazing to me.) Yes that is a little bit disheartening man the guy’s running to the rescue of anybody on they team.  Especially when you get your butt kicked like that man but I guess it kind of gave us a little spark because the guys definitely came out in the 2nd half trying to make something happen.”

Whether he had any disappointment in his teammates after they didn’t come to the rescue:

“You know what?  Not disappointment like I said it was a little bit disheartening.  Disappointment would probably be a little bit too big of a word that I am not going to throw it out there.  Like I said, some guys are just built differently and like I told LaRon my mindset is I am a fiery, wear my emotions on my sleeve, trying to leave a 100 percent out there on the field at all times.  I can’t speak for anybody else in their mindset and how they approach the game.  I know for me that I s just kind of how I am.  That is kind of how I have always been.  I am always going to give a 100 percent no matter what.  Whether it is in a scuffle or whether it is out there on the field.  I don’t know no other way.”

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