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Colt McCoy: No Hard Feelings for the Browns, Down to Run the Pistol in San Francisco
April 4, 2013 – 7:20 am by Brad Gagnon
In the immediate aftermath of being traded from the Cleveland Browns to the San Francisco 49ers, quarterback Colt McCoy wasn’t in the mood to discuss his time in Cleveland. But things have changed, and now McCoy is viewing his time with the Browns as a learning experience while looking forward to joining a winner in San Fran.

Colt McCoy joined Eric Byrnes and Ray Ratto on KNBR in San Francisco to discuss leaving the Browns and joining the 49ers, the read-option offense in San Francisco and elsewhere, his future as a potential coach and the relationship between quarterback success and the setting they’re in.
On his split with the Browns:
“Hopefully it’s the best for both of us. I have no hard feelings. In fact, I’m grateful for the experiences — the positives and the negatives — because I think that’s gonna help me down the road. But my focus now after kind of handling all those emotions the last 24 hours is to come here and to compete and be the best player I can be.”
On being comfortable with the pistol offense:
“I ran some of the zone-read, I ran some of the pistol stuff at [Texas] back in college. I feel comfortable with that.”
On why he likes the read-option and the advantages it brings to offenses:
“I loved running it in college because it just adds another dimension to the game. If you can run the ball off the read-option game, then your play-action’s gonna work well. I think that’s as effective as can be. When it’s going, when it’s clicking, you kind of have two options.”
On if he’s destined to follow in the his dad’s footsteps as a coach:
“A lot of people ask me what I want to do when I’m done playing. Obviously coaching is in the blood. Just not real sure yet. Wanna play as long as I can and my mind’s focused on the here and now.”
On how integral the system is to a quarterback’s success:
“A whole lot. Obviously guys have unique skill sets, and the way that our league is forming there’s a lot of guys that do a lot of things differently but they’re all experiencing their share of success. Being in the right place at the right time with the right coaches, the right players around you, on a good team, I think that’s obviously No. 1. It’s hard to win in this league, and the reason I’m glad to be here is they’ve been very successful over the last couple of years, and there’s reasons why.”
Listen to Colt McCoy on KNBR here
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