Cam Newton: Expectations for 2012 “Through the Roof”

Cam Newton: Expectations for 2012 “Through the Roof”

Cam Newton helped the Carolina Panthers increase their win total by 300 percent in his rookie season. If they kept at that clip, Carolina would be on pace to win 18 games in the 2014 season. Obviously, that’s impossible, but when you consider how hard Newton is on himself, you’d think that only mathematically impossible feats would suffice. Regardless, he has extremely high expectations for year two in Charlotte. Cam Newton joined Dave Cokin and Steve Cofield on ESPN 1100 in Las Vegas to discuss his rookie season in Carolina, his criticism of himself and LeBron James finally winning a title.

On how he looks back on his rookie season:

“Well, it was some good things last year, but as I’m going back and looking at the film, I’m kind of wishing a lot of throws that I coulda had back. A lot of reads that were just unacceptable. And with me knowing that, I think that’s progressive, in my terms, knowing what I did wrong. And I think that’s the right step, but at the same time, as a fan, I’m hoping that people are eager to watch.”

On him being too hard on himself last year:

“I think it was something that the media just took it and ran with it, but that was just me being a critic of myself. And what people fail to realize … if people only knew how I think about myself and what I want from myself, that doesn’t even bother me. And if you’re a competitor, you shouldn’t let things like that bother you. But I think the things that I’m expecting for not only myself but this team this year is gonna be through the roof. And it’s up to myself starting to make myself accountable and the players on this team to make it all happen.”

On LeBron James finally winning a championship:

“It was past due for Lebron James to win a championship, and I’m very happy for him. I’m a big fan of Russell Westbrook … Kevin Durant, [James] Harden, all those guys, but they’re young and hopefully — but I hate when people say, ‘They got next year.’ That’s another loser’s approach. But it was just fun to see them and the run that they put up verse the Spurs, but I think the Heat was just too strong.”

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