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Buzz Light?? To Infinity and Beyond


Buzz Light?? To Infinity and Beyond
by Jimmy Shapiro

Earlier today, celebrated columnist, author, and radio host Mitch Albom went on ESPN Radio with Tirico and Van Pelt and discussed the sports media.  Talked about how sports radio affected the way writers do their job and then went on a diatribe about blogs.  I’m kidding about Buzz Light as his criticism was tame or should I say without the same level of anger as Buzz Bissinger’s rant on Costas Now. I’m sure Mitch and his dumbo-sized ears can probably here me typing this, but for someone who’s had such success across different facets of media, I find him to be hypocritical.  I’ve only been writing this blog for a short while now, so I’ll defer to huge sites like Deadspin and The Big Lead to properly put these comments into the right context.  I will say that there are awful columnists, sports radio hosts, and bloggers.  You can’t just lump a whole medium together.

Here’s some of what Mitch Albom said:

“I don’t accept it.  I’m sorry to the bloggers and I’ll probably get blogged all over this as a result of this. At least in my case and a lot of the people that are from my era and I’ve been in this close to three decades now, we went to school for this.  We trained for this.  I have a Master’s degree from Columbia.  I learned certain rules about what is journalism and what isn’t” “Bloggers can essentially basically be anyone with a computer.  And anyone with a computer does not belong on the level any more than I should just be able to to arrest somebody you know because I decided to versus being a police office or do somebodies taxes because I decided to versus going to accounting school.”
“A lot of these bloggers start to act as if they have inside information.” One funny note: before his answers on bloggers, Albom called Scott Van Pelt, Brad and you can hear Tirico and Van Pelt laughing in the background.

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