Brian Urlacher On The Sideline Altercation With Lions Players on Sunday: “They Don’t Do Very Good When They Get Beat Up I Guess.”

The Detriot Lions had only turned over the football five times in their first eight games. That number more than doubled Sunday at Soldier Field. The Bears defense forced six Detroit turnovers in their  37-13 Week 10 rout of the Lions. The win avenged Chicago’s 24-13 loss to Detroit in Week 5.  Let’s give the Monsters of the Midway some credit here over the last two weeks. The Bears were facing two tough tests that would truly show if they could hang with the big boys of the NFC, and they responded sensationally in both their 30-24 win over Philadelphia, as well as their 24-point trouncing of Detroit on a short week of preparation.

Brian Urlacher is the unquestioned leader of this Bears defense over the last decade. The Bears had two interceptions returned for touchdowns in the game against the Lions on back-to-back drives and No.54 can’t help, but love it when Devin Hester returns a punt for an 82-yard touchdown. Brian Urlacher joined ESPN Radio Chicago with Waddle & Silvyto discuss the win over the Detroit Lions being sweeter than other win the Bears have had this season, the Detriot Lions trashing talking in the game on Sunday, his advice to Matt Forte regarding his contract dispute, the Detriot Lions being a “dirty” football team and Devin Hester being in the Hall of Fame for kickoff/punt returns.

Be honest with us now the Eagles game was a big win, but this one for obvious reasons even a little sweeter?

“No doubt. Division game and they kicked our butts earlier, a couple of weeks ago, so this one was big. It puts us right back in the hunt. We are going to need some help to catch Green Bay, but we are right in the Wild Card race.”

Were the Lions still doing a lot of chirping yesterday? It seems like the Lions continue to puff out their chests and talk?

“Their defense was saying something to our sideline late in the game after D.J. Moore beat up their quarterback [Matthew Stafford]. They said some stuff to our sidelines. I don’t know what…their defense was saying something to our sidelines. I don’t know what it was, but there is ways to handle things and there is ways to not handle things. I don’t know…they are a good football team. No doubt about that. They don’t do very good when they get beat up I guess.”

What has been your advice to Matt Forte? It seems like wanting more money has motivated him to play his best football. Do you think the contract situation is fueling him?

“I don’t think he is going to forget about it [the contract situation]. He shouldn’t forget about it. This is our livelihood. This is how we make our living and you want to be compensated for what you’ve done and he’s done a great job of not just this year – he’s been good ever since he has been here. He was banged up that year he didn’t get 1,000 yards in his second year, but the guy has produced every year. He goes about things the right way. He works his butt off in the weight room every day. He practices hard and doesn’t say much, but whatever is motivating him keep motivating him because he is doing a great job for us.”

Are the Detroit Lions a “dirty” football team?

“You know what they play to the echo of the whistle. As a player you can’t be mad because that is the way the game should be played. They play fast and they play physical and sometimes they go a little bit too far, but you know what sometimes you get away with it. That’s the way the game is played now I guess. I like their head coach. I will tell you that much. I think he has done a good job for that organization and he’s a hard nosed guy. He wants his guys to play, so I can’t be mad at him, but you don’t like it when you are playing against them because it pisses you off, but you know what they do a good job and they play hard.”

What do you say to all the knuckleheads who don’t believe Devin Hester should be in the Hall of Fame?

“It’s just pure stupidity if ask me. Look at what this guy does? He changes every football game he’s in. When you punt the football you have to be – you either punt it out of bounds or you get ready to give up a touchdown. That’s the bottom line. I mean he changes everything you do. I can’t even put it into words. He changed everything for every team we play. He’s the greatest of all-time at what he does and in my opinion if you are the greatest of all-time at your position you should be in the Hall of Fame. I don’t know what you guys think about that. He is a first ballot Hall of Famer. No doubt. What is he in his sixth or seventh year? He’s going to have 30-something touchdown returns if people keep kicking to him when he’s done. It’s a no brainer for me. I just don’t see how people can not agree with that.”

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