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Brian Hartline is locked up long-term.You wouldn’t have predicted such a thing six or seven months ago, but the Miami Dolphins wide receiver has been signed to a five-year contract worth $31 million, with $12.5 million guaranteed. That’s quite a lot of money for a No. 2 wide receiver, but it’s a sign that Miami is attempting to build around a core of steady contributors.Brian Hartline joined Joe Rose on WQAM in Miami to discuss his new contract with the Dolphins, his desire to stay in Miami all along, his feelings regarding the Dolphins in free agency and to reflect on Ryan Tannehill’s rookie campaign in Miami.

On wanting to be in Miami as free agency loomed before a deal was ironed out:

I wanted to be here, and I was more hoping that it would be here.I knew that in the end everything was going to work out personally, but I feel like in the best situation I wanted to be in South Florida.”

On wanting the Dolphins to be active on the free-agent market:

We need a good offseason, everyone knows that. We’ve positioned ourselves well to go out and make some moves.The coaches are preparing to do that, the front office is preparing to do that, and it’ll be interesting to see which way we go. Regardless, we’re fighting with being a .Team in and out every year, so I think some moves need to be made. We need guys that want to win, need some guys that wanna be down here, and I’m hoping I get the opportunity to talk to some of these guys.”

On Ryan Tannehill’s rookie season:

“He did a great job and that really showed the improvement in the offense in general, and the way we took care of the football. … It’s kind of hard to win without the football, so the way we took care of it later in the season, you started to see some improvements, and that’s gotta continue.”

On general manager Jeff Ireland getting a bad rap:

Ireland is much more highly respected than everyone wants to give him credit for. Everyone I talk to loves dealing with him, thinks a lot of him. And there’s a very [big] misconception out there because of that. That happens with the win-loss column.That happens with everything.We understand that, whether it’s a player, front-office exec, it’s all the same, but that’s a big misconception that’s not true.

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