Brandon Jacobs On Joining Stacked San Francisco Squad: “It’s Gonna Be Hard To Stop Us”

The already bruising San Francisco 49ers added more power to their roster in free agency with the addition of Brandon Jacobs, who parts ways with the Giants after seven years in New York. The power back might have a chance to play a large role in support of Frank Gore and the rest of the San Fran offense. But having beaten these Niners in last year’s NFC championship game, Jacobs is also quite familiar with their defense, too.

Brandon Jacobs joined KNBR in San Francisco to explain why he chose the 49ers. He also broke down the science of short-yardage running, talked about new teammate Frank Gore, analyzed the San Francisco defense and discussed his role with the Niners.

On why he chose San Francisco:

“Well, ya know, they had the best offer for me as well. … At the end of the day we go out and play this game for it being football, what we all love playing. But after you’ve been in the business a certain amount of time, and know that they’ve turned it into nothing but a business, that what-have-you-done-for-me-lately type attitude comes. And that’s what we turn it into as players, and that’s when things happen. Anyway, it’s a great opportunity for me to join the 49ers. Not only did they have the best offer for me — I think that’s a special group of guys in that locker room, and coaches and the whole organization. And I grew up a 49er fan and I’ve loved the 49ers always. So it’s a good opportunity for me to put a dream to sleep.”

On if it’s still possible to run straight ahead for a first down on third- or fourth-and-short:

“Oh, no question. You can definitely do it. You gotta have the attitude to do it, and also you gotta have the offensive linemen in front of the back to be able to get it done. I think the 49ers have what it takes to be able to get that yard. No one’s perfect — somebody’s gonna get a step on you at some point somewhere and you’re not gonna be perfect. Because we had issues. When I was with the Giants, we had issues down the line. Of course I took the blame for those (because I was) holding the ball. But ultimately, at the end of the day it is my fault because I do have the ball and that’s what people see. But there’s a lot more than that going on. But like I said, I think the 49ers definitely got what it takes to be able to get that one yard. I think they had the highest percentage in the league all of last year with those conversions.”

On his new backfield mate, Frank Gore:

“Frank is a beast, man. I think Frank is a underrated running back. People talk about him, but people don’t talk about him like they should talk about him. I think he should be put in a category with a lot of guys in the top of the league. Because Frank comes out, he runs the ball every year, he does well, he catch passes, he blocks protections. I think Frank is a all-around back, and it’s great for me to come in and team up with those guys and be able to make our offense better.”

On the 49ers defense:

“I’ve been in the league for, I’m going on eight (years), and I’ve had my chance to dissect some very good defenses. San Francisco 49ers defense has speed, they play physical up front, they have linebackers that were probably the best disciplined I’ve played against. They didn’t care who really made the play, they just wanted to do their job. And playing against them, the way we ran the ball with the Giants, a lot of zone schemes, a lot of things that open up back side or some guy would run through back side and stay right on track, those guys never overran a hole. They all played their responsible gaps. … It was great. … They were very disciplined. With a defense like that, and with as many weapons as we have on offense, it’s gonna be hard to stop us.”

On his role with the 49ers:

“I have not spoke to anyone about my role. I just, I’m going there, earning everything they give me and I guess whatever I don’t get I didn’t earn, right? My goal is to go out there and give it all I’ve got and be able to come and be able to be a big part of this football team.”

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