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Boo Weekley Says Awesome Things About Golf and Stuff


Boo Weekley might secretly be my favorite golfer. I don’t want to get into a whole thing regarding how amazing it is to see such a straight-up redneck (I’m from North Carolina, I’m allowed to say that; plus he uses the phrase “He don’t talk that well of English” about Angel Cabrera) running shop on the PGA Tour, but it’s pretty cool.And he’s easily one of the top-five interviews in all of sports. There’s no debating that; you absolutely need to listen to him talking to Packman on WFNZ in Charlotteabout Chad Campbell, the Masters, not watching Tiger and Phil, winning three times in a row at the Verizon Heritage in Hilton Head, and fishing in lightning storms out the back porch of Harbour Town. I wish I was kidding. Wait — no I don’t. Enjoy.

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On being paired with Chad Campbell:

“Aw, he was in the zone – he had it zoned in. I was pulling for him too. I was paired with Trevor Immelman last year and he won and I thought, I must be the good luck charm here for people. Maybe I need one of them to lean over and give me a kiss or something. Change my luck.”


On how he’s hitting the ball:

“Well, I’ve got the putter going in the right direction. I’m putting the ball good, I mean this past week I putted the ball well at Augusta but didn’t hit the ball very well. And you gotta hit the greens to be able to putt … I worked so hard, I don’t know – I was just mentally run down. I really wasn’t ready to play, I hate to say it, but I mean, I looked at it and I was just goin’ through the motions.”
More Boo Weekley quotes and the full interview after the break.

On owning Harbour Town:

“I feel confident. I feel ready to play, I think what they’ve done, I think they went out there and planted some more no-see-ems everywhere on the golf course. I’m telling your right now, we did the opening ceremony today and as we was getting ready to do the opening ceremony, I’m telling you right now, if them things were to draw blood like a mosquito, they wouldn’t be able to walk, they couldn’t fly, they’d be walking around like a tick you could step on, with little blood spots everywhere. I’m telling you right now, there were little blood spots everywhere.”

On making it three in a row:

“I feel like we can. I’m not gonna play golf until Wednesday. I’m about wore out. I’ve been on the road about eight weeks. So I’m a little tired right now. I’m trying to find stuff to do. It started lightning out there, I was fishing in the back yard in this pond and about that time a lightning bolt struck and I looked back and my ma hollered at me and she said, “what are you doing?” and I said, “I better hope you’re holding that door open ‘cause I’m on my way in cause the way my luck’s been going I think I might need to get inside on this one.”

On Tiger and Phil’s shootout:

“I’m sorry. I didn’t watch none of it, to see what Tiger and them did. I turned it on and I watched Kenny birdie the 16th hole and was like, “well he’s won this one and congratulations to Kenny” you know and next thing you know I go upstairs and I’m getting all my stuff organized in the room I’m staying in and I hear my ma and pa down here hollering and screaming like someone done jumped in here trying to scalp ‘em and I didn’t know what was going on and I ended up watching the golf and the ending and Cabrera and the whole deal.”

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