Bobby Jackson On Teammate Donte Green, Revenge, And Today’s Rookies


Oh boy. Not only are the Sacramento Kings struggling to play together successfully on the court, they’re also seemingly a fractured bunch in the locker room and when they’re supposed to be building that magical, hard to come by thing called ‘chemistry.’ Here’s the story, which happened about ten days ago but is still worth repeating. And as always, Sports Radio Interviews has the relevant audio. So here’s the situation – after rookie Donte Green failed to bring the required food to practice one day – he his a rookie, and that’s part of his job remember – veteran G Bobby Jackson decided to remind him of his place at the bottom of the totem pole. In addition to writing the message above on Greene’s SUV, he light heartedly filled his vehicle with popcorn as well. Greene wasn’t pleased though, responding in a manner that was waaaay over the top. He smeared dry dog food, soy sauce and other assorted condiments all over the back of Jackson’s Mercedes. Jackson was pissed, and joined KHTK in Sacramento to share the story.

On the attitudes of today’s young rookies and their hard-headed nature:

“They think they know everything, they think they got it made. I told him the other day, I’m the last person you want to mess with. I told him his car will be burned up. I’ll burn his car up to prove a point. If he touches anything of mine being a rookie, I’ll have his car be missing. I ain’t playing games with no kid. If you don’t come in her and do your duties and do what we say to do, of course you’re going to get taken care of.”

On the attitude of young rookies and their resistance to accepting criticism:

“They have this sense of well you can’t tell me what to do, I’m always right. They have an explanation for everything. This generation has an explanation for everything. It drives me crazy. I’m like, why say something back? Just take it and run with and listen to what people are telling you.”

Continuing on about the younger generation:

“They don’t respect and cherish the game. You know, they love playing, but they don’t want to take the criticism; they don’t want to do the hard work; they don’t want to accept the losses; they don’t want to what the veterans say. They want to take the easy way out and the thing about our rookies is, we’ve got good rookies, they’ve done good. But can they do better? Yes of course.”

On who rode him hard as a rookie:

“I had LaPhonso Ellis, Bryant Stith…Johnny Newman. I had some good veterans that really helped. And I was a hard-head kid too. I was kind of like Donte and them. But I got punished for it though. Did I try to retaliate? No. I just learned. You just deal with it. That’s the thing with the young guys – they think they can do something to the veterans. I’m like, come on now.”

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