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Andy Reid: Vick Is Building A Foundation For His Career


Andy Reid: Vick Is Building A Foundation For His Career

Andy Reid is speaking some serious sense.  Michael Vick was not brought in so he could take over Donovan McNabb’s job.  Yes, Vick’s about four years younger than Donovan, so there could be that shift when McNabb retires, but number five is only 32 years old.  Michael Vick is not waiting around for several years as a backup QB, it’s just not gonna happen.  I get the feeling if Vick has a real good second half, he and the front office will coordinate a mutual departure so he can become another team’s starter.  He wasn’t going to be given the reins to a team this season because of his suspension and jail time, but how can a team not give this talented guy the keys after a good second half?  Reid joined 610 WIP in Philadelphiato discuss how happy Vick is just to be in the league right now, if Donovan  is cool with the situation, and how much Michael will play on Thursday.

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How much will Michael Vick play Thursday?

“I’ll mix him in probably a little bit the first half and then he’ll take some snaps in the third quarter… We’ll see him in that second half; for how long and how many plays, just gotta see how he plays.  As long as he comes through tomorrow’s practice well, then he’ll have a shot to get out there and play… He’s done very well with it; some of it is just a review, he had this offense in Atlanta.  Greg Knapp was his offensive coordinator and Marty and Greg worked together in San Francisco, and they ran this offense there.  So, it’s not like learning a foreign language, it’s just like briefing up on it.  He’s doing well.”

Is Donovan okay with this transition?

“Donovan is all about the team, that’s what Donovan’s about.  He welcomed Michael Vick in here and there’s no rift between Michael Vick and Donovan.  I was trying to get Michael in and get him some snaps with that first group before I pulled the first group out of there.  That’s not necessarily how we’re gonna do it once the season gets going.  On the other hand of that, Donovan being the competitor, he wanted to come out and get himself going.  Things started off slow and it wasn’t working the way he wanted it to on the offensive side, and so he just wanted to stay in there and get in a little rhythm throwing the football, that’s what he wanted.  Everything’s okay, that’s not a big deal.  The thing you have to do with this is Michael hasn’t played football for a couple years, so you get him back in the swing, and we are gonna use a little bit of this type of an offense with Michael.  It’s important that we all figure it out and get it right, and then it’ll be smooth sailing.”

On the potential of Michael Vick causing a rift if he doesn’t play enough:

“I don’t think either way; as long as your putting points on the board, it doesn’t matter.  I don’t think the number of plays will be that great, it will be situational depending on what team we’re playing and Michael understands that.  Michael is just happy to be back in the league right now and just kinda building a foundation here for down the road in his career.  He’s not looking to dethrone Donovan McNabb, that’s not what he’s looking to do.”

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