Ahmed Eissa El Mohamady Abdel Fattah


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Ahmed Eissa El Mohamady Abdel Fattah Profile –

Nationality -Egypt Birth Date -1987-09-09
Height (cm) -182.88 Weight (kg) -78
Key Positions -RB,RM Overall Ratings -70
Preferred Foot -Right


National Team Details

  1. National Team Name -Egypt
  2. National Jersey Number -3
  3. National Team Position -SUB


Club Name Details –

  1. Club Name -Aston Villa
  2. Club Join Date -2017-07-19
  3. Club Position -RB
  4. Club Jersey Number -27
  5. Contract End Year -2020


Key Percentage Score [Out of 100 ]

  1. Crossing Score -72
  2. Dribbling Score -68
  3. Curve Score -76
  4. Sprint Speed Score -73
  5. Finishing Score -61

Key Player Skills and Traits

Injury Free, Early Crosser, Speed Dribbler

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