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Ahmad Bradshaw Insists There Are No Hard Feelings After Heated Moments With Tom Coughlin, Victor Cruz

Nov 30, 2019; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Wisconsin Badgers linebacker Chris Orr (54) celebrates with the Paul Bunyan Axe Trophy after defeating the Minnesota Golden Gophers at TCF Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Ahmad Bradshaw was fired up Sunday in an emotional victory over the Washington Redskins. The Giants running back was spotted voicing his frustration with head coach Tom Coughlin on the sideline and was also captured slapping Victor Cruz in the back of the head after the receiver missed a crucial block. Ahmad Bradshaw joined Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco on ESPN Radio New York to discuss his heated moments with both Tim Coughlin and Victor Cruz Sunday against the Redskins and the contract situations of Cruz and fellow wide receiver Hakeem Nicks.

On if he was angry when he had some fiery moments with Tom Coughlin and Victor Cruz Sunday:

“No, I’m never angry, man. It’s just all competitiveness with me. I just hate to lose and I like to win. It was just that time of the game — everybody’s emotions going everywhere and, like you said, after that touchdown, we didn’t know how it was gonna end. Everybody just wanted to win. And with this team, we love the game. We have a lot of emotions and they’re mixed.”On his relationship with Cruz:“We have a relationship where we just try to make each other better either way. And we talked back when he first came in the league and I actually took him to training camp and drove him up. I told him, ‘You have to impress everybody — all the coaches, the whole staff, the organization — to be a big part of this team, this offense.’ And that’s what he’s been doing since Day One. We just want to make everybody better, and that’s what that slap was, just a c’mon slap. And he took it that way, and I did, too.”

On if it would upset Hakeem Nicks if Victor Cruz were to sign a long-term contract before him:

“I’m sure, mentally. I’m sure it could. Just the things Hakeem’s done for this team — how much he’s given, not only injuries but just different things that he’s dealt with with this team in the past. He’s given it everything he can towards his football game and towards this team to try to help us every week he can. I’m sure that would hurt him mentally, but Hakeem’s strong. I’m sure he can deal with it. It would be devastating for me just to see one of those guys go. Hopefully we can get something done.”

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