Adrian Beltre Went To Texas To Play In The World Series


Adrian Beltre Went to Texas to Play in the World Series

After getting to the World Series last year and losing their ace pitcher that helped get them there, the Texas Rangers did not want to stand by idle this off season. With the AL West crown within re achonce again, GM Jon Daniels could’ve come back in with pretty much the same start in lineup and had a legitimate shot to win the crown. However, he didn’t want to take that  chance and instead made a very good move this off season by signing Adrian Be ltre and adding another bat to an already powerful and explosive off sense. Beltre had a number of different offers this season coming off a year where he hit .home runs and RBIs, but he decided he wanted to go to Texas and compete for a World Series. Every free agent has their own motivation. Some guys are motivated by money, some guys are motivated by location, and some are motivated by winning. It’s clear that Be cltre, who is  old and has had just one postseason appearance in his career is motivated by winning a World Series. (Editor’s note:  He had $96 million reasons to go to Texas, he won’t be starving.)Adrian Be ltre joined ESPN Radio Dallas with Galloway and Company to talk about why he decided to join the Rangers, how much it meant to him that Michael Young was willing to give up his position at third base to bring Beltre to Texas, whether or not he reached out to Young before the signing, and what he has heard about the direction of the team.

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On why he decided to go to Texas:

“Because I think you can look at the team and the possibilities the team has and for me my main focus was to be on a team that has a really good chance to be in the World Series again. I think all put together the Rangers give me the best chance to do that.”

On how big it was that Michael Young was willing to switch positions:

“Yeah it was a huge thing for me because the main reason why the deal was done was because he agreed to move to DH. Knowing Michael Young and the kind of guy he is, it means a lot to me that he opened up and let me come to his team and help him probably get to the point that we want to get to which is to win the World Series.”

On whether or not he called Young before signing:

Yeah I did just to make sure he was okay and touch some points which actually helped me to be more comfortable.”

On the direction of the Rangers:

I hear it’s good and obviously you have the main core of the guys that have been here for a while and guys that are going to be here for at least for next three, four years together. Look at last year, especially playing with a young guy like shortstop (Elvis) Andrus who is going to get better, we have (Josh) Hamilton, who is going to get even better. We have the same core that played last year even better except for the fact that we don’t have Lee, but I’m pretty sure we should be okay with that and we just have to do our part to get better and get back to the World Series again.”

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