Terrelle Pryor Appeals Suspension As He Tries To Put The Past Behind Him

Terrelle Pryor Appeals Suspension as He Tries to Put the Past Behind Him

Terrelle Pryor is attempting to move on. And he’d like to do it faster than NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is allowing. Goodell’s plan has been to impose the five-game suspension that Pryor would have received at Ohio State  had he stayed there amidst all the NCAA violation issues. Pryor’s appeal to that NFL suspension was heard by Goodell and others on Thursday. One day later, he certainly didn’t have an answer yet, but said he’s focused on the things that he can control at this point and not those that he can’t.

Terrelle Pryor joined WQAM in Miami with Channing Crowder and Zach Krantz to discuss his appeal, what the last six to eight months have been like, a Raiders team that may be on the rise, Raiders owner Al Davis and what he must do to be successful in the NFL.

With the appeal, do you feel better about what’s going on and may we soon see you on the field?:

“I’m really not sure. I talked to [Roger Goodell] … and my agent’s working very hard at it, but I’m not very sure on the answer or what’s going on right now.”

What have the last six to eight months been like for you?:

“Focused. Without that, you can’t really do much at all. With a lot of focus, extreme focus actually, you don’t really think about the things you can’t control, you’ve got to think about the things that you can.”

Are we getting closer to a time when Oakland gets back to being the feared team in silver and black?:

“Without a doubt, man. Coach [Hue] Jackson changes things. We’ve just got a great team that’s focused. I’ve never seen such a focused group that works so hard on a daily basis. It’s just great working with these guys, watching how hard they practice. I enjoy it.”

What is Al Davis like?:

“He’s a great guy. I can’t say enough about him, he’s just a great guy. He’s what brought football about and he has a hands-down program and runs a hands-down program with the Oakland Raiders. He’s a great guy and I can’t say enough about him. … He had something to do with the merger of the NFL, you know. He’s one of the greats.”

How old is he?:

“He looks good. I’m not interested in that.”

What do you have to do to be a successful quarterback in the NFL?:

“Just study and I think more you have to know what your team is doing and understand the offense before you can really get to understanding defenses and stuff like that. You’ve got to know how to attack a team, and like where the location is of your players. … Once you know that in the back of your mind and the back of your hand, that’s when things start to happen and you can really start to look at defenses.”

What do you think that learning curve will be like for you?:

“I’m getting very used to it now. I think the biggest thing is, look at the guys that have been very successful, they’ve been in the same offensive scheme … for a long time. You know the whole offensive scheme and you can just watch defensive tape all day.”

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