Steve Nash On Staying With The Suns: “i Want To Stay With My Team. My Heart Has Always Been Here.”


Steve Nash on staying with the Suns: “I want to stay with my team. My heart has always been here.”

It’s beginning to become a game of waiting for the next shoe to drop in this year’s unique and wild NBA free agency period. Chris Paul has gone to the Clippers. Where is Dwight Howard going? How about Steve Nash? Nash has become a hot topic out in the desert regarding his future with the Phoenix Suns. As it becomes increasingly evident that elite players in the NBA are looking to jump ship for presumably greener pastures, the Suns are wondering if Nash will stay with the organization if this season doesn’t turn out well. From the sound of it, the Phoenix Suns have nothing to worry about.

Steve Nash joined KTAR in Phoenix with Burns and Gambo to discuss whether he thinks the Phoenix Suns will contend for the playoffs this season given their offseason moves, the fast pace nature of NBA training camp in a shortened season, finishing his career with the Phoenix Suns, and the idea of leaving the Suns at the NBA trade deadline if his team is not a playoff contender.

Do you like the additions to the Suns for this season? Do you think this team has enough to make a playoff push?

“Well that’s gotta be the goal. Our goal has gotta be get into the playoffs. I think we can do it. I think we are definitely going to have to find a great chemistry and put some good things together towards building a team, but we definitely gotta be lucky on the schedule and not have injuries and all that stuff. We gotta have our sights set on the playoffs and hopefully improve every day as a team.”

How difficult is it to rush to get ready for this season? How different is “hyper-speed” in training camp? You guys only started camp a week ago:

“It’s not every day we have 66 games in 120 days or whatever it is, let alone an abbreviated camp with two exhibition games, so I think it is going to be crazy from start to finish. We’ve already seen a few trades and acquisitions and what not. I think top to bottom it’s going to be one of those anomaly type things where you just gotta embrace it and make the most of it and see who makes it through.”

At this point in your career do you want to finish your career with the Phoenix Suns?

“Well that would be amazing to do that. I have been here for the majority of my career and had a ton of success here. This is home. I feel a part of the franchise and organization beyond just as a player, so it feels right. It feels like home and that would be great. I know the business is crazy and ever changing so you always gotta be prepared for whatever it may be, but yeah it would be great to finish my career [with the Phoenix Suns].”

If for some reason this season doesn’t go the way you want and you a have chance to go to a contender at the NBA trade deadline, would you want to do that?

“Well I think that’s a situation where it is hard for me to answer. I think right now no. Right now I want to stay with my team and if it wasn’t going well in some way take our lumps, but it’s such a speculative question that I don’t know if I could give you a proper answer, but my heart has always been here. I always wanted to stick it out and always wanted to be [here] whether we end up in the conference finals or we end up not making the playoffs. I guess I always felt like apart of this team and apart of the fabric and never really wanted to jump ship.”

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