Shannon Brown Says The Idea That Players Are Being Selfish Is A “huge, Huge, Huge Misconception”


Shannon Brown Says the Idea That Players Are Being Selfish is a “Huge, huge, huge misconception”

The NBA Lockout is in its fifth month and it doesn’t look like there is any end in sight. It is still an ongoing process between the two sides, but things might’ve taken a turn for the worse. Late last week, the owners put a deal on the table hoping the players would sign off on it. It was somewhat of an ultimatum handed down by NBA Commissioner David Stern. The players rejected it and now regular season games have been cancelled up until December 15th. That’s not all though. The players also decided earlier this week that they were going to sue the NBA and decertify from the union. This is a very risky step by the players and puts any hope of regular season games being played in the NBA in jeopardy. As David Stern said earlier this week it’s time for NBA fans to get ready for a “nuclear winter.”

Shannon Brown joined ESPN 710 in Los Angeles with Mason and Ireland to talk about what went into the decision to sue the NBA, what it means to have Kobe Bryant show up to the labor meetings, why every player in the NBA was not able to have a say in the process, how he feels about the owners approach to the negotiation, if he thinks they will play in the NBA this season, and the most common misconception out there about the players.

What went into the decision to sue the NBA:

“We just took a step that we felt was needed and important to get a fair deal for both sides. That was our ultimate goal from the beginning when everything first started. To make it clear the player representatives were not the only people that were quote unquote invited to the meetings. Anybody could’ve come to the meetings. We took a vote of the people that were in there and we came up with that decision.”

What role his teammate Kobe Bryant has played in the negotiations:

“He’s definitely involved in the whole process. He spoke when he felt he needed to and added his comments to whatever the subject was at that point. He’s definitely involved and active in trying to get a good deal.”

On why not every player in the NBA was able to have a say in the process:

“Like I said as far as the meetings go anybody, if all 450 players could’ve come, they were welcome. Everybody has and knows who their player rep is. If their player rep contacted them or they contacted their player rep I’m not sure. It’s a vote around the locker room when the rep is ultimately chosen so when you do that you give them the right to do what’s best for the team and the players.”

How he feels about the owners approach to the conversations:

“I feel that they’re doing what they feel they need to do to get a deal in their favor. Whatever strategy they had they put it into plan and into motion. Like I said earlier I think we took a step that we needed to get a fair deal. Let me be clear when I say that. A fair deal for both parties and I really don’t know what their strategy was in the beginning but they put that into motion so were here now.”

Whether or not he thinks that the players, if put to a vote, would’ve taken the deal offered:

“I think if the players that didn’t feel that way would’ve spoken up, came to the meetings, reached out to a player rep, Derek Fisher, or Billy Hunter and expressed that, I don’t know. I try to stay away from all the rumors and what’s being said because I’m actually in there and I know what’s going on. All the stuff that people might say when they don’t really understand what’s going on, I try to stay clear of that.”

Whether or not he thinks they will play in the NBA this season:

“I hope so. I always try to keep a positive mind about things. I hope we get to get out there and showcase our talents to the world. I think one common thing that everyone has as a whole is everyone wants to get out there and play. I think the owners want to have a season and the players want to have a season. I think that’s the one common thing that we all have.”

On the most common misconception that he is hearing come from these negotiations:

“I think it’s the players being selfish. I think that’s a huge, huge, huge misconception. I gave an example one day that nobody wants to work for free. Everybody wants to get paid what they’re worth or whatever the case is. I think that’s a huge misconception that we’re being selfish and we’re not trying to come up with a deal.”

Shannon Brown on What David Stern Said to the Media: “The truth will come out when it’s all said and done”

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