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Sean Pamphilon New Orleans Saints Bounty Scandal Suspensions Overturned

Sean Pamphilon “Ecstatic” Bounty Suspensions Overturned: “I Felt Sorry For Those Guys”

Current and former New Orleans Saints are back to work  after their bounty suspensions were lifted by a three-member appeals panel just prior to Week 1. So naturally we go to documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon. After all, Pamphilon is the man who released audio of Gregg Williams talking bounties in explicit fashion because he was so troubled by what was happening. Sean Pamphilon joined Josh & Charod on XX Sports Radio in San Diego to discuss his crusade against the head trauma in football. He noted that he’s still a big football fan and was sure to point out that he’s happy the bounty player suspensions were overturned.

On criticism he’s taken for his crusade and the misconception he believes exists regarding concussions versus head trauma:

“I have had some people question the reason why I was doing it and what it was all about. I don’t look at this as simply a concussion documentary and I don’t think concussions are the real problem, actually. I think it’s repetitive head trauma, and people are focusing on the issue of concussions when it’s actually repetitive head trauma which strikes more to the heart of whether or not this game is safe enough to play. … I’ve gotten some pushback for sure.”

On being a football fan himself:

“I’m not trying to destroy football, I’m trying to make it as safe as possible so when I watch it, I don’t feel like I’m watching human cockfighting. It’s a fine line. I think football is the best game there is, by far.”

On the player suspensions being overturned by an appeal panel:

“I was ecstatic. I mean, do I believe that there was a system in place? How could I not? Because I was and I heard this man calling for injuries rather than just hard hits. And that was shocking. But the fact is I likened it at the time to sexual harassment and that man was in charge. He had what was called an F-you clause in his contract, which stipulated he had complete autonomy over what he was doing. So I felt sorry for those guys.”

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