Nick Fairley Will Be Attending the NFL Draft This Thursday And Feels Cam Newton Is Going To Be A “Great Quarterback.”


Nick Fairley was widely considered a lock as one of the nation’s most dominate collegiate players and at one point was even hyped up as being the potential number one draft pick by the Carolina Panthers. In the last few months as draft hype builds and the immense scrutiny of collegiate football players hits its pinnacle, Fairley, has become public enemy number one for defensive prospects in terms of criticism.Fairley has athleticism that just can’t be taught at the professional level, but some concerns have arouse mainly due to off-the-field character issues.

There have been some rumors and indications that Fairley is close friends with former number one overall pick and Oakland Raiders bust, JaMarcus Russell. Many draft experts will tell the fans that if there are any concerns surrounding a prospect than they are not worth taking in the top ten as Fairley has been red flagged as a potential problem. Over the last few months, Alabama defense end/tackle, Marcell Dareus, has been labeled as a multi-versatile defensive talent and worthy of top ten status as he has surpassed Fairley. Fairley will look to prove all the doubters wrong once he finds out who is willing to believe in his ability this Thursday.Nick Fairley joined Sporting News Radio with 2 Live Stews to discuss being nervous about the upcoming NFL draft, if he’s paying attention to what the NFL draft experts are saying, attending the NFL draft on Thursday, the decision for him to enter the NFL draft with the NFL lockout occurring and if he thinks Cam Newton will be a Pro Bowl quarterback in the NFL.

Are you nervous about the draft? How are you feeling these days?

“Oh man I’m feeling good man. You know I’m doing the best I can to put myself in the best position, so it’s out of my hands. Now I gotta wait the next few days so.”Are you paying attention to the draft experts?“Not really man. It’s just motivation you know hopefully we have a season next year, so I can start my NFL career. I just gotta fill my role.” Are you going to the NFL draft on Thursday?“I’m gonna go.”Was it a tough decision to go into the NFL draft with the lockout on the horizon at the time when you decided to enter? “I really… you know the draft is pretty much my dream growing up when I was little, playing football starting when I was eight, so really it’s just going to be a great experience for me, so my mom and my dad, my parents, they wanted to go, so I say why not? Let’s go. It’s great experience and [we] might as well enjoy it. Do you think Cam Newton will be a Pro Bowl type quarterback in the NFL?“No doubt. Cam [Newton] will be an amazing quarterback. He’ll be a great quarterback at the next level. Whoever drafts him is going to get a great quarterback in Cam. He’s very humble. He’s very competitive, so whoever drafts Cam is going to get a great quarterback.”

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