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Mr Skin Is A God To Us Pervs


Mr. Skin is a God To Us Pervs

Have you ever wanted a book that has all the Hollywood actresses nude scenes chronicled? Well here you have it, Mr. Skin’s second edition of his Skincyclopedia. The genius who calls himself Mr. Skin launched his website back in 1999, and its success over the past decade has been phenomenal. Frankly, I don’t know how we ever lived without it. What he does is simple, yet brilliant. Basically what Mr. Skin and now this book, the second edition of his Skincyclopedia, does is list 2009 actresses who have appeared sans clothing on film. The actresses listed in the book are the ones “Who I find to be the most important to the onward-and-upward development of naked arts and sciences,” says Mr. Skin. By sharing these great finds with the world, Mr. Skin shows he is a true humanitarian.

Mr. Skin joined KHTK in Sacramento with the Rise Guys to talk about how many new actresses will be in the second edition of Mr. Skin’s Skincyclopedia, whether anything surprises him anymore, being able to seek out the fake nude scenes in Hollywood, and the top ton nude scenes in 2009.

How many new actresses will be in the second edition of Mr. Skin’s Skincyclopedia?

“I got a call from our publisher at St. Martin last summer saying we were really psyched with what the first edition of skincyclopedia did, it came out in January of ’02, and they said we think it is time to do another edition and I said well let me do a little research before we do this because I want to see how many actresses have been naked since because I want to get a feel here and we have found that 350 celebrities have done nudity since the first one like Marisa Tomei and Jessica Biel to name a few. We also noticed that if you took the actresses in the first book and these nude actresses that there have been 2,000 more nude scenes. Now you see why this book was half the size of the Health Care bill.”

Does anything surprise you anymore Mr. Skin?

“To people that open the book flipping through it and seeing Maureen McCormick, Marcia from the Brady Bunch, was naked…That might freak them out. She did a movie called Texas Lightning and at the 1:04 mark you could see her topless. I think another one more modern day Molly Ringwald. I know a lot of guys might think well Molly Ringwald I never thought of her sexy but when you see her topless in the 1995 movie Malicious, you will be surprised at how great she looks nude. I could name a ton of surprising ones but those two come up right now.”

On being able to seek out the fake nude scenes in Hollywood:

“Just to let you guys know that there is a lot of trickery in Hollywood. If I don’t tell you that you are enjoying a scene that is not the actress then you would feel very cheated and it is my job to let you know.”

What is the most famous “fake” scene:

“Well one of them definitely is… There is so many I mean at the beginning with Dressed to Kill with Angie Dickinson that was Victoria Lynn Jackson a Penthouse Pet. I think that comes to mind if the movie Death Becomes Her with Bruce Willis where Catherine Bell is getting out of the pool. It is supposed to be Isabel Rossellini and as she is walking towards Bruce Willis it is a body double and as it turns out it is Catherine Bell who later went to Fame and Fortune on the CBS TV show JAG and she, that is one of the most exciting times of the body double move than the actual person.”

What is the most common time for a nude scene in a movie?

“Well is turned out while I was researching this book I had never thought of this and in the ten years that I have been running this website I thought what is the most common minute mark in a movie for a nude scene. We have 25,000 movies in our database from all over the world from the ‘70’s, 80’s, 2000’s, drive-in movies, Hollywood blockbusters, but we have chronicled every single scene times those 25,000 movies. We did a little work with the tech team and the mass calculations and it came to the conclusion that by far the most common time for a nude scene in a movie was the :43 minute mark. I have no explanation why. I can’t tell you and it wasn’t like the second minute mark but it is not even close. 43 minutes in is by far the most common. I can’t explain it though.”

On where Jessica Biel’s scene in Powder Blue ranked in 2009 nude scenes:

“Number two of the best nude scenes of 2009 and this was my most skinticipated nude of the year because we knew in 2008 that she was a stripper in the movie Powder Blue and that she was going to be doing to be playing a stripper. How many times have I been disappointed when actresses were supposed to be naked and it didn’t happen? Well this is actually a rare example at the nude scene was actually better than the hype because at the 1:08 mark she does a three minute strip tease capped off by her pouring hot wax on her breasts. So it is really good stuff and my second favorite nude scene of 2009.”

What could have topped that?

“I was talking off the air with Little Joe and we had the sentiment that the best nude scene of 2009 happened on Californiacation with Eva Amurri who is Susan Sarandon’s real life daughter showed her well endowed all-natural breasts in a strip club. It really was cool because she was playing one of his students in his class, he is a teacher at a college, and she was moonlighting stripper and the combination at how great she looked and the all-naturalness and she is Susan Sarandon’s daughter all played in it and it was the best nude moment of 2009.”


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