Ken Whisenhunt And The Cards Head In To BYE Week 1-2 After Being Trounced By Indianapolis


Ken Whisenhunt And The Cards Head In To BYE Week 1-2 After Being Trounced By Indianapolis

What to make of the Arizona Cardinals? They stunk in Week 1 against what has proven to be a very competent San Francisco club. They then dusted Jacksonville for the better part of the game before a couple late scores by the Jags kept the final score respectable. Then at home, on Sunday Night Football, they were throttled by the Indianapolis Colts . Peyton Manning threw for  touchdowns against the Cardinals secondary, and the Colts defense allowed chunks of yards but not many points, thanks in part to two interceptions of Kurt Warner and a fumble recovery.  Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt joined KTAR in Phoenix to talk about the roller coaster start to the Cards’ season and what he expects the team to do better when they return from their upcoming BYE week to host the Texans in Week.

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On the Cardinals’ costly red zone turnover last night that cost them points and gave the Colts momentum after they scored on their ensuing possession:

“Well, Tim Hightower made a cut off the safety; the hole was big. He got through the hole and it was him 1-on-1 with the safety. And he made a cut to his left, and when he did that, the ball came out a little bit and the helmet hit right on the ball. It wasn’t one of those wasn’t like he was careless but it happened, unfortunately it happened. But let’s look at last week against Jacksonville. This is two weeks in a row we’ve had that happen down there in the red zone. Last week we got the fumble, went in and scored and never looked back from that point. This time, it changed the momentum. They got the ball, 95 yards scored a touchdown, took the lead and that made it tough for us. So, that’s just something we can’t do.”

On what he thoughts of Kurt Warner’s play:

“I thought Kurt was a warrior. He had a tough night last night from the standpoint of taking a lot of hits. Especially when you get down against a team like that and you’re having to throw it to try to catch up. But he made some plays. He stayed in the pocket strong, he made some good throws for us. And I think it’s a tough, tough situation for Kurt in that those guys have their ears pinned back and they were coming after us, but he stayed in there and he battled.”

On if he thinks it’s a good time for the team to be heading in to their BYE Week at this point in time:

“You know, I think you can look at it any way you want to look at it. You can sit here and say it comes at a good time for us because we want to get some things worked out, ready to roll heading in to the Houston game. But I’d also like to get this bad taste out of my mouth now. I’d like to play a game on Sunday so we can get to that next opponent and get this taste out of our mouth. You’d really like to go in to a BYE week with a win – it makes it a lot more pleasant. But, you know, it is and it isn’t. It is a good time for it but also I’d like to be playing. But it is as they always say, it is what it is. We’re going to work this week getting some of these things fixed and get back to playing good football when we come back home against Houston.”

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