Jake Locker: “i Am Making Progress On The Things That People Had Questions About”

Jake Locker: “I am making progress on the things that people had questions about”

Jake Locker’s decision not to forgo his senior year may have been a critical mistake for him because his draft stock took a major hit after not living up to his lofty expectations this season.  Still, he finished with a very solid career at Washington starting 39 games, throwing for 7,639 yards, and 53 touchdowns.  Locker is a dual-threat quarterback whose running ability will still be very attractive to prospective NFL clubs. He was a force to be reckoned with running, accumulating 1,939 yards and 29 TD’s during his four years in Seattle.  Locker is a very intriguing athlete, and has all the tools to be a franchise quarterback at the next level.  He just needs to work on his consistency, but don’t all rookie QB’s?Jake Locker joined ESPN 710 in Seattle to talk about how he envisions he will perform during his Pro Day, what people will see during his Pro Day that he has specifically worked on to improve, and how his goals have been different for each workout leading up to the NFL Draft.

How he envisions he will perform during his Pro Day:

“I feel really good about it.  That is one of the advantages of your pro day because you get a chance to kind of determine which routes you are going to throw and who you are throwing them to and get a chance to work on it.  It is something that I think you should go into with confidence and you should go into with the idea that you are going to complete all of the passes and be right on the mark because you are confident and you have done it before.”

What people will see during his Pro Day that he has specifically worked on to improve:

“I think the biggest thing Brock is consistency.  There are times when it feels really good and at times it would feel weird.  The biggest thing we were working on is being consistent making sure that every time you throw the ball you have the same motion, the ball came out the same way, and your approach to the drop and the release was the same.  That was the biggest thing with Ken we just did it a lot.  WE threw a lot of balls, we threw a lot of routes and just made sure that depending on which side you were going to, all of that stuff, you were getting your feet in the right spot allowing that front should to kind of drive the ball to the top, were things that we really focused on to get the kind to be more consistent like I said.”

How his goals have been different for each workout leading up to the NFL Draft:

“I don’t know if it has been different.  My goals are like I said, go in and show that I am making progress on the things that people had questions about, and that I have had fun doing it.  I think one thing that I have always enjoyed about football is that I love playing it, and it is fun for me, it is an enjoyable game for me and I think that that passion and love for the game is something that you can show through that process and every step of it, and I think that was one of my goals always, and then the other one like I said, is showing that I had the ability to make the throws and be able to do all of the things that I would be able to do at the next level.  I had a really good opportunity to do that at the Senior Bowl, being that you are working for an NFL team staff, running their offense, their terminology, and throwing the routes that they throw, and then through the Combine, the game you are working with, NFL coaches and scouts and they are running me through the drills that they run their own players through.  So for me it was the ability for me to show what I would be asked to do at the next level in every facet.”

If there is any thought about maybe running the 40-yard dash again:

“Yeah I have thought about it, like you said, I saw a lot of the times and I think the time I was given was my slowest one, but at the same time, like you said, it is a good time, it is a time that is a fast time and I feel good with it.  Like I said, that isn’t something that I need to prove to people.  You can watch the game tapes and you can tell that I have had success running, and a whole lot of people talk about game speed and stuff being different, speed on the field, I truly believe in that.  I think there is a lot of guys that can go out and run a fast 40 but you don’t see that out on the field.  I did not feel the need just because the time I did put up and from what you can see on film.

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