Gerald McCoy Eyes the Top Prize

There has been much debate lately as to who is the better pro prospect, Gerald McCoy or Ndamukong Suh?  In my opinion, Suh definitely has the bigger upside and is the better prospect as evidenced from last week’s NFL Scouting Combine.  Though McCoy had a solid day, most came away saying Suh outperformed McCoy.  Suh posted times of 5.02 and 5.09 in the forty-yard dash, recorded a 35.5 vertical and showed off his brute strength as he bench pressed 225 lbs. thirty-two times.  Although McCoy seemed a little bit faster with his posted times of 5.00 and 5.10 in the forty-yard dash, he trailed Suh with his 30.5 inch vertical jump and only twenty-three reps of 225 lbs.  The NFL combine is all about numbers. How fast?  How strong?  But don’t read too much into those numbers.  We all know that just being able to show up and perform during the Combine doesn’t always pan out on the field and it seems as the number one overall pick in April’s NFL Draft will be between Sam Bradford, McCoy and Suh.  If I were a gambler, I would put my money on Suh being the number one overall pick for the St. Louis Rams. Gerald McCoy joined Dan Patrick to talk about where he would like to go and play, how he responds to people criticizing his strength performance at the Scouting Combine, and what he thinks he does better than Ndamakong Suh.

If he could pick and choose where he would like to go and play, where would it be:

“To be honest, I wouldn’t have a team that I picked.  I just want to go and play football.  There is not a certain team that I want to play for or if I had to choose that I would play for.  I just want to play in the NFL whoever it is.”
How he answered a question that was asked at the Combine, whether he wears a g-string or a jock strap:
“At first I was confused and I didn’t know.  I asked him twice what did he just say to me.  What did you just say to me?  At first he kind of sounded like he said on game day, is it a job or is a g-string?  I was like, a job or a g-string?  Of course it is going to be a job.  What is a g-string have to do?  He was like, no a jock.  Is it a jock strap?  He said, yeah a jockstrap.  Do you wear a jockstrap or a g-string on game day?  I said, I don’t wear neither, but if I had to choose it would be a jockstrap.”

How he responds to people criticizing his strength performance at the Scouting Combine:

“I am better than people think.  I have done more than twenty-three.  I have done more than twenty-three when I first started training.  I just happened to wear.  When I got to twenty, I was feeling good there then I just got to twenty-three and hit a wall.  I don’t know what it was but I am not more of a rep guy.  I am just like a raw power guy and there was something said about me that I haven’t been in the weight room training the last four years and all of that.  That is completely wrong.  I work harder than anybody that you could find and bench press is just not my strongest suit.”

Whether he thinks his personality could work against him:

“Yeah some people think that.  They think that oh he is too nice.  He is not tough enough.  Anybody who has watched me in those drills at the Combine, if you looked at my face you could see that I turned into a different person.  All of the guys were like, dang what is wrong with you?  Why are you breathing so hard?  Because I turn into a different type of guy when it is football time.  I am the nicest guy that you would find off the field.  Even heading up to the game, the ride up to the game I am like that.  But as soon as I come out of the tunnel, I change.  I don’t know what it is.  It is kind of like Bruce Banner and the Hulk.  Something like that.  You think that this is what you are seeing, but you are seeing something completely different inside of.”

What he would say to the Rams GM to be taken number one overall:

“I am going to give you everything that I have got.  I am going to give you one hundred percent of everything that I have.  If I am not at one hundred that day, I am going to give you one hundred of where I am at.  I am going to study the game.  I want to learn.  I have no problem learning.  I have no problem sitting behind somebody until I get it right because I want to be at my best.  If I am not at my best, don’t put me out there until I am and that is what I am going to give you.  I am going to come in and I am going to produce and that is what I plan to do.  You are going to get what you see is what you get.  If you have seen this on film that is what I am bringing.  I am not going to change that just because you paid me a little bit of money.  I am coming as hard as I can.”

What he thinks he does better than Ndamukong Suh:

“I think that my first step is faster and I am a little bit more of a speed guy and more of a pass rusher.  Whereas he is just like a brute strength, run stopping guy…  I am just more of an explosive guy.  He just clogs holes and he gives you what you need.”

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