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Deron Williams Believes Rajon Rondo’s Triple-Double was More Impressive than his 57-Point Game

It was an incredible day for NBA point guards on Sunday, led by the monster performances of Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams. Rondo compiled 18 points, 20 assists and a career-high 17 rebounds in an overtime victory over the New York Knicks. The last player to achieve this remarkable triple-double with at least 17 in each category was Magic Johnson in 1989. Williams, meanwhile, put up a franchise-record 57 points in a win over the Charlotte Bobcats.
The Nets point guard broke the franchise’s previous mark of 52 points, shared by Ray Williams and Mike Newlin. No.8 is making his case for why he is the best point guard in the NBA night-after-night. The Nets are looking to keep Williams off the free agent mark this off-season by acquiring Dwight Howard during the trade deadline next week. Can Williams’s 57-point performance lure Howard to Brooklyn next season? Looks like we’ll find out next week.

Deron Williams joined 660 WFAN in New York with Joe and Evan to discuss his 57-point performance against the Charlotte Bobcats, his 57-point performance being the best game of his career, the possibility of Dwight Howard becoming a member of the New Jersey Nets, changing his style of play knowing that Brook Lopez was hurt for the Nets, getting any extra motivation to go up against Chris Paul, monitoring the NBA trade deadline next week and Rajon Rondo’s remarkable triple-double against the Knicks.

Congrats on the 57-point performance:

“We needed a win man. That’s all it was and I got hot and kind of rolled with that.”

When you look back on all the great games you’ve had in your career is this going to be the game that stands out? Is this the best game of your career in your opinion?

“It’s hard to say. I’ve had some other good games where I’ve had close to 40 points and like 17 assists, so it’s tough to say. This is definitely my best scoring night by far. My previous career high was 42.”

How would Dwight Howard rather be a Net? Free agency or a trade?

“I have no clue. You would have to talk to him. [Evan Roberts: Has he told you? Honestly?] Hasn’t told me anything.”

Did it change your philosophy to not have Brook Lopez on the floor?

“I wasn’t sure he wasn’t coming back until the 4th quarter. By that time I was already hot.”

Do you get any extra motivation when you go up against a guy like Chris Paul?

“I always like playing against a guy like Chris. We’re good friends and are going to be linked with each other forever because we went #3 and #4 in the draft. I definitely enjoy playing against him.”

Are you monitoring the days until the trade deadline next week?

“Not really cause it’s not in my control and I am just trying not to worry about it and trying to win basketball games. We’re trying to make a playoff push and that’s where my focus is.”

What did you think about Rajon Rondo’s triple-double against the Knicks?

“I thought it was more impressive than mine personally. He almost put up 20 [points], 20 [rebounds] and 20 [assists]. That’s tough to do. My career-high in rebounds is 9.”

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