Dallas Cowboys Could Name Their New Head Coach Today

Dallas Cowboys Could Name Their New Head Coach Today

I use the term “new” loosely in the headline above, but it would appear that all signs, and Jerry Jones, have pointed to the fact that the Dallas Cowboys will announce who their coach will be sometime today.And unless there’s a real shocker, Jason Garrett will be that man. Thus, I use the term new in the general sense because Garrett of course has been the Cowboys coach since they fired Wade Phillips following nine weeks of pure awfulness.Garrett went 5-3 from that point on, including three road victories and a win over Philadelphia to close out the season this past week. It has appeared since then that Garrett was the shoe-in for the job, but I suppose we can wait out the official announcement.Jerry Jones joined KRLD in Dallas with Jagger and Henson to discuss how the coaching search was going, if we can expect an announcement today and to decline comment on whether other teams contacted him about interviewing Garrett.

On how the coaching search is going:

“We’ll be moving at a real fast pace. I just took a break to make this call and be on the radio with you and then I’ll be back at it.”

On if an announcement could be made as early as today:

“I think we’ll have a lot of this done by the afternoon here [Tuesday]. We’ve been working hard … and have got a lot set up. We probably won’t really be ready to talk about this until [Wednesday] sometime.”

On whether Jason Garrett could be looking at other jobs:

“I’m not going to get into that one way or the other. Again, it’s just because it has to do with, you might even say, competition between clubs. … Jason, of course, does have a contract for next year with the Cowboys right now, so you have to, just like to talk to anybody that is now with another club, there is a form and a procedure.”

On whether he’ll be at the Senior Bowl this weekend:

“I’ve never missed one and the answer is yes.” Is Jason Garrett?: “I’ll bet he goes, one way or the other.”

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