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Cris Carter weighs in on Tarkenton vs. Favre

Cris Carter weighs in on Tarkenton vs. Favreby Lance Zimmerman
Cris Carter is the best wide receiver to ever catch a football in Minnesota. Sure, some would argue that Randy Moss is more prolific and runs probably the quickest go route in the NFL, only Jerry Rice was more productive at the position in the 1990’s. Carter had eight straight seasons with 1000 yards receiving, never missing a game within that stretch. His number 80 was retired by the Vikings a few seasons ago, hanging from the rafters next to a man who needs no introduction recently on this site, Frank Tarkenton. Everyone knows the drama that Tarkenton has caused, and we’re on round 17 of players, ex players, radio show hosts and football experts lining up and choosing sides against each other on the comments Tarkenton had made towards Brett Favre. Carter offers an interesting perspective as he’s not that far removed from the league so he can better relate to today’s NFL athlete, and he also respects Tarkenton as Hall of Fame member of his team. Cris Carter joined 790 the Zone in Atlanta on Monday to discuss the melodrama of Tarkenton’s comments, as well as his opinion on the whole Brett Favre retirement/un-retirement.

His thoughts on Tarkenton’s remarks and the Brett Favre to the Vikings situation:

“Well for one, as an athlete, there are other athletes out there I wouldn’t say I have the best relationship with based on maybe the commentary you offered on them. No athlete wants to be criticized. I don’t think at any time I ever had a desire to for any athlete to not be successful. I think that’s contrary to our fiber as athletes and sportsmen. To wish bad things to happen to other people, I’ll give you an example, someone like T.O. (Terrell Owens). T.O. and I aren’t friendly. We don’t talk, I’ve been very very critical of him. Now he’s left several teams, when he left San Francisco, I didn’t wish ill will on him in Philadelphia or when he left there ill will in Dallas. I just don’t believe in doing things like that. Number two, the Vikings, they are our team. Just like the Packers, they were his (Favre’s) team. I believe you acquire assets any way that you can get them. If you’re trying to improve the quarterback position, just because a guy played for the Green Bay Packers, if you’re trying to improve that position and you feel like a 60 year old quarterback can help you with a bad arm then you should go out and get him. As far as Brett Favre and what he took the Packers through, now I agree with Fran on that. That was ridiculous.”

Carter was asked if he thinks Favre would help Minnesota and his opinion on if they should sign him:

“Even when Brett was hurt, Brett plays the quarterback position better than him (Tarvaris Jackson). Now Sage Rosenfels, I believe Sage is going to be the starting quarterback in Minnesota. Adrian Peterson deserves to play in the playoffs. He’s the best non-quarterback in the National Football League. Does Brett Favre give him a better chance to get there, or Tarvaris Jackson?”

On Favre’s flip flop on retirement over the past two seasons:

“It is not easy to walk away from the National Football League, alright. It’s not. This is all that we’ve ever done, and when you walk away from it, there isn’t any coming back. Ain’t no I’m going to be able to do this a little bit later. This is it. At this phase of your life you have to make a decision on can I keep doing this now because you’ll never ever be able to do it again. I make no excuses for Brett and him bumbling the whole thing, I said that that was the wrong thing, but do I understand how he could do it, yes.”
Listen to Cris Carter on 790 the Zone in Atlanta with Morning Mayhem.

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