Baltimore Ravens’ Anquan Boldin On Joe Flacco: “i Definitely Think He’s Not Given His Due Credit For All That He Does.”

Baltimore Ravens’ Anquan Boldin on Joe Flacco: “I definitely think he’s not given his due credit for all that he does.”

When discussing the NFL’s top quarterbacks, the list begins with Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady — in any arguable order. From that point, the argument gets a little trickier, but their hasn’t been much campaigning by fans or the media that Baltimore Ravens’ signal-caller Joe Flacco belongs in the next tier.  And it’s probably because Flacco finished 18th in the league this year in passer rating, 26th in completion percentage, 12th in yards and 13th in touchdowns.It’s worth mentioning that he did only throw a dozen picks, but the numbers certainly aren’t dazzling. Still, Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin is standing up for his quarterback, saying Flacco isn’t given enough credit and that Flacco uses that as motivation.Anquan Boldin joined XTRA 910 in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ to discuss the knee surgery that kept him out of the last couple weeks of the regular season, his relationship with quarterback Joe Flacco who Boldin thinks is short-changed by the media, what it’s like to know you’re four quarters away from being in a Super Bowl, being in this spot with the Ravens after things didn’t work out in Arizona, the matchup with New England and why Flacco isn’t given his due.

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What was it like going through the knee surgery given it was so close to the playoffs?:

“Actually the surgery was much-needed. I had been playing with a partially torn meniscus the entire year. The entire year I’d been dealing with swelling and stiffness in my knee and it finally got to the point where it tore … so my knee started catching. I had to have the surgery, because I couldn’t run at that point.”

What’s your relationship like with quarterback Joe Flacco?:

“Joe is a guy that if you go to Joe and you tell him a certain thing, he’s definitely going to listen to you and take it into consideration. Before the game I told him I was feeling pretty good and if he saw me in one-on-one coverage, just give me a chance to make the play and I’ll come through for him. He gave me the opportunity and luckily we were able to connect a couple times.”

What is it like to know that you’re four quarters away from getting back to the Super Bowl?:

“It’s definitely an opportunity that you want to take advantage of. I know how rare it is. It took me six years to get to the playoffs for the first time, so I definitely know this doesn’t come around all the time and it might never come back around.”

On being in this spot with the Ravens:

“The reason I came here was to win a championship and I felt like this was a place where you have the ability to compete for a championship year-in and year-out, not just one year. Being this close is definitely exciting, I’m definitely enjoying the journey, but I won’t be satisfied until I’ve won it. I’ve been to a Super Bowl before and it’s no fun unless you win it all.”

Is this the best Ravens team you’ve been a part of and what do you see in the matchup with New England?:

“I think we match up pretty good with anybody. It’s definitely an advantage playing with a great defense. Even when the offense isn’t having their best day, I think the defense shows that they can cause turnovers and wreak havoc on an opposing offense. As a team, we have everything we need to win a championship this year. We have playmakers on both sides of the ball and when we put it all together, we’re hard to beat.”

Is Flacco misunderstood or underrated around the league?:

“I definitely think he’s not given his due credit for all that he does. I think people still kind of slight him. But I think for him, that’s motivation. For him to not get the credit and not be mentioned in the same sentence as some of the more elite quarterbacks in the league, I definitely think he feels slighted and he definitely wants to go out and prove himself worthy.”

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