With a Brand New Contract, LeSean McCoy Says He Will Stay Motivated Because He Wants to Be the NFL’s Best Running Back


Last year the Eagles failed to live up to expectations. The “Dream Team” quickly turned into a nightmare as the team stumbled to an 8-8 record and missed the playoffs. However, there was one big bright spot for Philly. It was LeSean McCoy. The shifty back that people affectionately call “Shady” emerged as one of the top running backs in the NFL and had a breakout season. Shady scored a franchise-record 17 rushing touchdowns last season, which led the NFL and was fourth in rushing yards with over 1,300. As the Eagles look to rebound this season, Shady will be a huge part of the offense. With a brand new extension that he received this offseason in the rear-view mirror, McCoy and the Eagles can focus their attention on flying back to the top of the NFC East. LeSean McCoy joined WIP in Philadelphia with Michael Barkann and Ike Reese to talk about what motivates him, what he thinks he needs to work on after such a good season a year ago, what he makes of Michael Vick calling the Eagles a “dynasty,” on the difficulty of playing in the NFC East and whether he feels like the team has to play to keep Andy Reid in Philly.

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On what motivates him:

“I feel like a lot of backs this year got paid and in the previous years you always have guys that get paid and the next year lay down. I want to be the best. I feel like when you talk about who is the best back in the NFL you talk about Adrian Peterson. I want to be the next guy where I’m the guy in line so that’s always motivation. The other thing is this year, expectations were high last year, and we didn’t meet them so I feel like this year is our chance. We have a lot of the same players and we have a better shot so I definitely want to get a ring. Growing up that’s something you always wanted to do and also being the best. Together that is going to motivate me.”

What he thinks he needs to work on after such a good season a year ago:

“I think last year my blocking slipped just a little bit. Gave up some key blocks and key pressures I think. Fatigue from running the ball so much and the year before that I wasn’t getting the ball as much and I want to be in a little bit better shape. I think I want to carry the load a little more. I think last year I touched the ball more than usual but I want to be in the pass game a little more, don’t come out as much and things like that. I want to be a bigger factor. I think last year I wasn’t great at everything to stay in the game all the time. I think little things like that will help me out. I want to ask more of myself during the game and during the year.”

What he makes of Michael Vick calling the Eagles a dynasty:

“I think it’s different from calling yourself ‘The Dream Team.’ It’s saying we have the potential to be a dynasty. I believe Mike. If you look at our team you can see the players stand out and not just the players but Andy Reid speaks for himself with the work he has put in and his resume. We can be a dynasty, it’s just a matter of going out and performing. I think these last two years we should definitely at least be in the running to get two championships. We have the potential.”

On the competition in the NFC East:

“It’s going to be competitive but it always is. Teams always find ways to fix up the problems and continue to get better. Even with the Giants. That monster freaking D-Line they have and they added some more guys and some linebackers and stuff in the draft so it’s going to be a matchup. Even the Redskins made a lot of moves. I look forward to it and it’s a challenge. In the division I feel like we hold our own, it’s just a matter of continuing to do it and when we get down to crunch time finishing it out.”

Whether he feels like the Eagles are playing to keep Andy Reid in Philadelphia:

“The way we feel for Coach Reid, each player will play their hearts out for him. He’s a great coach and a great person so we don’t want him to bounce from Philadelphia. It’s not just we’re playing for him because we feel like he’s going to be here and we’re confident but we definitely have pointed out we want our coach to stay here for sure.”

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