Who Cares What He’s Talking About, It’s Simeon Rice!

Who Cares What He’s Talking About, It’s Simeon Rice!

I seriously wake up every day hoping that former NFL great Simeon Rice is going to be on the radio somewhere in America that day. It’s just that entertaining when he does get on the air and offer up his nuggets of wisdom on…well, on everything. Radio jocks love him and for good reason. He’s probably the easiest, most candid, often poignantly insightful, and easily the most entertaining interview that I’ve heard on the air since starting to work on Sports Radio Interviews during it’s nascent stages last fall. Rice doesn’t disappoint again in this interview with WQYK in Tampa on Tuesday, as he talks about his sister’s upcoming new album, as well as a few football related topics including his plan to play in ‘09. Here’s a taste of the quotes from the interview.

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On the Buccaneers drafting QB Josh Freeman with their 1st round pick:

“Quarterback. Quarterback’s always a good position to be in because you get the big money, you get to manage an offense. You get to learn a new offense, study the playbook, put a team on your back and hopefully do something that’s never been done before. It’s hard to talk about the future when you’re looking at the present because you got to say what is this kid about. I don’t know. I’ve never watched him, don’t know anything about him.”

Is Rice going to play this year?

“I’m doing allright but I’m going to play this year. Oh definitely yeah. In the worst way. I got a chip so big on my shoulder, I couldn’t even get it in the building. I left it outside by my car.”

Is he better than Gaines Adams?

“What type of question is that? I’m not even going to answer that because I have 120+ sacks. How different do I look. Let’s talk about this. I’m not even going to answer questions like that. What I’m going to do is propose a question to you – my play never fell off ok? I was never deteriorating. I got hurt. It’s different. So you going to ask a guy that got hurt, you going to kick me when I’m down?”

And does Rice think he still has it after missing so much time?

“Right now, if I was to put on a helmet, I’m automatically in the top 5 in this league at that spot. And I’m going to only be nice, because I want to say I’m the #1 guy. I’m the King baby, but I’m not going to say that because that’s always an earned spot. So I’m humble enough to say I gotta go back and do my work which isn’t hard. All I gotta do is be me. I’m me again.’

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