When He First Got To The League Dwight Howard Says He Used To Cry After Every Game

After the Miami Heat lost another heartbreaker and squandered another big lead in their house against Chicago on Sunday, Miami Head Coach Erik Spoelstra said there were some players in the locker room crying following the loss. Of course, after those comments were revealed the jokes starting flying around the internet, people were trying to guess what players were crying, and others were even questioning the mental toughness of the players. On top of that, people were ripping Spoelstra for revealing the information in his postgame press conference. While I think it was ridiculous that he did reveal that info and I have no idea why he did reveal that or what good it could have done, I see nothing wrong with Miami players crying after a loss nor would I make fun of them because of it. In fact, even in a regular-season game, I would much rather hear about players crying after a heartbreaking loss as opposed to laughing after losing to yet another top team in the NBA, which we have seen far too often recently in professional sports.

Miami is the most hated team in the league and they did it to themselves. It was their decision to throw a party with smoke, fireworks, music, and everything else before the ball was tipped. It was the players who were talking about six or seven championships before even having a single practice together. They have the bulls-eye on their back because they put it there. They are under the microscope because they put themselves there. However, the reaction to Miami players crying in the locker room is ridiculous. The players wanted to win so bad and they put so much of themselves into a game that it causes them to be that upset to shed a few tears. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that what fans want? Don’t all fans want their team to care as much as they do? Well, now it’s clear Miami does and they’re getting made fun of for it? Seems hypocritical. Dwight Howard joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about what he thinks about Miami players crying following a loss against Chicago this past weekend, what it means that they cried when the last time he cried following a loss, whether or not he thinks he’s the MVP, who the best team in the NBA is right now, and what he has learned from Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James about how to handle his potential free agency.

What he thinks of Miami players crying in the locker room after a loss against the Bulls:

“I don’t believe it for one because there’s nobody in the locker room but the players. I used to cry after all my basketball games then one of my teammates said ‘look Dwight you’re in the NBA now, you’re going to have 82 games a year plus the playoffs, so just get it back next game.’ If they were crying it means they really care about winning. If you keep losing the same way every time you’re gonna be hurt. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were, but I can’t believe they were crying.”

Erik Spoelstra was the one that said it though:

“They want it. They want it bad. It’s kind of tough for those guys because coming into the season everybody had them winning 90 games (Laughing) and doing unbelievable things. They’re losing and it hurts.”

When the last time was that he cried after a loss:

“We lost in the Finals to the Lakers. (Host: You were balling?) Yeah, I was. I was hurt. Then we lost to Boston last year.”

Whether or not he thinks he is the MVP this year:

“Well um, I would just say that I do a lot for my team. (Host: If you think it’s you then just say it?) I’m not one of those cocky guys and Derrick Rose has been playing unbelievable basketball. And he’s an Adidas guy. We’ve got commercials together. If I had to say for someone besides myself I would go with Derrick Rose. (Host: If you had a vote and couldn’t vote for yourself you would vote for Derrick Rose?) Yes, sir.”

Who the best team in the Eastern Conference is right now:

“The best team right now, Chicago is playing the best basketball right now.”

On what he learned from LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony about how to handle his potential future decision in free agency:

“I think sometimes the outside sources, they’re the ones that mess up the whole situation. I will say in my situation, I love Orlando, the city has been very good to me, and I would love to finish my career here. I want a championship and I want to get it in Orlando. That’s the only thing I’ve been able to think about. It’s hard not to think about what’s going to happen for two years, but that’s two years from now. Right now, my focus is on getting our team to a championship and doing everything I can for this city.”

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