What Is Snooki Up to These Days?

“Jersey Shore,” MTV’s new reality show about the exploits of eight fist-pumping Italians living together in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, has been a huge hit. Rumor has it that they are now in discussions to film another season. I can’t wait for another season of Guidos and Guidettes getting together and making themselves look like complete fools! Had it not been for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi being a complete and utter moron I probably wouldn’t have watched it. From the first day they moved into their summer house when she drank way too much and passed out before everyone went out clubbing, I knew she was going to be the focal point of the show. I mean this girl just spells drama. One night while they were all out drinking, she was talking trash to a guy and he punched her right in the face and the first thing she asked when she got up was, “Am I missing a tooth?” Hilarious! Not because she got punched but just because that was the first thing she said. Now if only Season 2 can be as good as the first. We will just have to wait and see what Snooki and Co. will do next.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi joined WIP in Philadelphia with Angelo Cataldi to talk about what it is like to all of a sudden be famous, whether getting punched in the face is a bad thing to be known for, whether she has a romance-thing going on with “The Situation”, and whether they are going to be doing a 2nd season of Jersey Shore.What it is like to all of the sudden be famous:“I always knew that I was a big deal so I was waiting for everyone else to know it. So it is awesome. I love it.”How she managed to get selected to be on Jersey Shore:“Look at me. Duh! It is not a big deal. Just look at me. You know what I actually went drunk to my audition so it didn’t make me nervous so I think that is why I got on.” On her wanting to leave right at the beginning of the show:“Yeah it is embarrassing. Like I told myself, well I didn’t see myself but I knew that I screwed up and I was really embarrassed. I stuck it out and thank god that I did because if I left there wouldn’t be a show.”Whether getting punched in the face is a bad thing to be known for:“Honestly I haven’t really thought about it.

Obviously it was like a bad situation that happened but if you are going to be recognized for anything at least I get punched in my face and still look good. I just got a steel, frickin’ jaw and I don’t care what anybody says but I still look good. Just shut up.”What happened to the guy that punched her:“I don’t know. People tell me that he lost his job and all of this stuff. Honestly I don’t care. He tried to apologize like through a magazine. It wasn’t directed towards me and it doesn’t really mean anything to me. Honestly I don’t even care. For all I care he could jump off a cliff.”On her make-out session with “The Situation” during the last episode:“Well you don’t need to know what happened but I told him to tie my top because it felt loose. Obviously, I had a couple of drinks in me and he just let it go. Whatever.”Whether she has a romance-thing going on with “The Situation”:

“No. Well he is like my best friend. He is like one of those guys that you can hook up with him and it won’t be awkward the next day Everybody has one of those friends that if you hook up it won’t be weird the next day. It wont be weird like when you know you go to an office party and you hook up with somebody and you see each other the next day and you don’t know what to say to each other. You know it is not like that. We are normal.”Whether they are going to be doing a 2nd season of Jersey Shore:“It is being talked about right now and I am definitely down for doing a second season.

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