Ways that Fans can engage with their Favorite Teams before the Stadiums Re-open


Teams are getting on with their season after the forced break due to the global coronavirus pandemic. National football league teams usually engage with fans on and off the pitch. They ensure that their supporters get news and happenings of the NFL at the comfort of their mobile phones. 

On the other hand, fans are in constant rivalry mode with each other. Opposing teams have been in at each other for decades while each season brings about the renewal of rivalries. Regardless of the duration of the rivalry, the fans want to outdo each other.  Die-hards attract the attention of opposition fans while donning custom Kansas City Chief throwback jerseys on match days. 

The Social media Takeover

Digital media is growing as the preferred option for fans to follow the latest news about their teams. It is easy for the fans to engage with their favorite teams on their social media platforms. The NFL franchises keep an active account on the popular social media platforms. It helps in keeping the interaction going with the fans outside the field. Over time, the teams have become more accustomed to the digital media platforms. In recent times, the social media platforms are instrumental in fan and club engagements amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. NFL teams’ accounts are active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The teams update their supporters on activities and schedules, as well as, new products. Fans get the chance to win prizes and customized jerseys. There are rewards for the most active fans too. 

Represent with the Team Jersey

Fans will do anything to support their teams on and off the pitch. It is a sporting culture for NFL fans to show loyalty to their favorite teams by wearing current and throwback jerseys. While watching the game at home or the local sports bar, it is essential to represent your team. Fans can customize the jerseys with their names or the name and number of their favorite player. Research shows that wearing a jersey from your favorite team brings happiness. It explains the rise in fans wearing sports jerseys during match days and other days of the week. 

Following the live Sporting Events

Streaming live NFL matches is the best way to watch live matches over the internet. Cable TV showcases live matches during the weekends too. The yahoo sports app offer services for live football matches on mobile devices. Since fans are not attending live matches, the app creates a virtual environment for the fans. It simulates an environment similar to the actual stadium to give the audience the ultimate virtual experience. 

Get ready to get back to the field Post COVID-19

The empty stadiums are feeling lonely with the fans away. NFL matches will continue without the fans in the stadium until there is a clear guideline for fans to resume. Some NFL teams are developing plans for the fans to resume. For sure, the players and team management need the fans back in the field. Fans will benefit too when the NFL allows the fans back in the arenas. 


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