Washington Redskins Quarterback Competition: John Beck Has No Idea Whether He Or Rex Grossman Will Be Named Starter by Mike Shanahan

The quarterback controversy continues to brew down in the nation’s capital. Mike Shanahan has a big decision on his hands. Although the Washington Redskins have next to zero expectations for, that doesn’t mean that this season won’t be a critical one for the organization as they determine whether they potentially have a quarterback for the future who they can build around. Rex Grossman was thought to be the front runner at the outset of the preseason, but now, for understandable reasons, John Beck is being considered a better option for Shanahan if the goal really is to see whether there’s a long-term option on the roster. Grossman may be a safer bet in some regards, but he’s pretty much proven by now that he’s not a franchise QB in any sense of the word. Beck helped his cause by playing well during the Skins’ 16-3 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. He led the Redskins to scores on each of their first four possessions in the team’s second preseason game last week.  The former BYU star looked sharp and played mistake free football. The quarterback competition is still tight and undecided, but the advantage seems to be moving in the direction of No. John Beck joined Fox Sports Radio on Into The Night with Tony Bruno to discuss the competition between Rex Grossman and himself for the Redskins’ starting QB job, if Mike Shanahan has given any hints as to who is the front runner, the boost that Tim Hightower will bring to the running attack and the expectations the Redskins have as a team for.

How is the rivalry between Rex Grossman and yourself?

“I think we are both professional. We both have been in this before, so we know what to expect and what the situation is. We just go day-by-day and do our very best.”

Has Mike Shanahan said anything to you about starting for the Redskins or having a good chance of being the starter?

“No nothing yet. When we talk it is really about game plan and is about the opponent or about our offense. That situation is really not something we talk about.”

How much of a boost will Tim Hightower bring to this running attack for the Redskins?

“It’s huge. I know that our coaching staff was extremely excited to get him when they brought him in on a trade. He’s done nothing, but meet those expectations the entire time he has been here. Tonight in the very first drive of the game he busts off with a big one. It was huge for us and it really set the tempo for the rest of the night.”

What’s the vibe down in Washington? No one expects anything from this team after last year?

“We’re okay with that. We’re just trying to be the best football team we can be and improve daily. I think with this team we have goals and we’re not worried about people outside of the organization maybe criticizing our goals and what we stand for. We know what we believe and that’s to be the best football team we can be. We’re totally fine with flying under the radar.”

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