Wake Up Fast Willie Parker!

Fresh off a nap and a Super Bowl winning season, Steelers RB ‘Fast’ Willie Parker spent a few minutes talking to the guys at ESPN Radio Pittsburgh on Tuesday to talk about the remarkable final game against the Cardinals in Tampa two Sundays ago, how crazy it’s been for him and his teammates since winning the league leading sixth Lombardi Trophy for the organization, his off-season plans, and a little bit of this and that mixed in along the way:

“I’ve definitely been celebrating man. I’m real tired. Y’all caught me in between my nap. I didn’t go so hard on Sundays. But I’ve been just partying a lot lately. Just having fun. Not necessarily partying, just having fun with family and friends.”

So when does the partying end and preparation for 2009 begin?

“I’m going to let my body heal all the way up before I do anything. God, he blessed me to come back in the postseason and finish the season. So I’m going to let my body heal up and get back to it. Probably around March or April.”

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