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Visanthe Shiancoe Is Becoming Known For More Than Just His Locker Room Presence


Visanthe Shiancoe once famous only for his locker room incident on national TV, now is getting known more for his clutch catches and is quietly becoming one of the best Tight Ends in the NFL. It helps anyone’s cause to have a guy like Brett Favre on your team, but Shiancoe has proven this season his name soon needs to be up there with the likes of Tony Gonzalez, Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates.  Shiancoe came into this season after a breakout 2008 and has continued to play at a very high level.  He has become Brett Favre’s 1 target in the red zone catching five touchdowns out of his 12 on the season.  Shaincoe had a big game in the win Sunday versus Baltimore catching four passes for 48 yards and two scores to help Minnesota get to 6-0 on the season. Visanthe Shiancoe joined the Dan Patrick Show and talks about the win versus Baltimore, how the offense is balanced now run vs. pass, the team’s expectations, and Brett Favre.

Talks about what happened when the game looked like a blowout and then it got close:

“I feel like we got content.  Looks like we got to practice harder or something.  Those are the mistakes we have to correct; those are the things I am talking about right there.  We shouldn’t have let them back in the game man, it should have been a one sided thing.  We gave them too many opportunities out there and in the NFL if you give them an opportunity, they will capitalize on those things and that’s what they did.”

Asked if he watched the last second kick that was missed by Baltimore:

“Yeah I watched it.  I watched it and I was praying the whole time.  I thought it was good, but I seen all the fans behind the goal post, behind the right stick just go crazy and I was like, “oh my gosh he missed the field goal’.  I didn’t even know we were 6-0.”

Asked what the expectations are in Minnesota at this point:

“We know we have the talent, we have all the components.  We have to have everybody on the same page at all times.  We can’t get content and let teams back into game like we do.  We pretty much dominate, if the offense dominates, the defense gets relaxed and if the defense dominates, the offense is relaxed.  We have to get that killer instinct man.  I feel like we are one of the best talents in the NFL right now.”

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