Ufc 139: Cung Le Promises To Bring The Thunder And Lightning In Debut


UFC 139: Cung Le Promises to Bring the Thunder and Lightning in Debut

Cung Le’s resume is already very impressive. He’s a movie star, he’s an entertainer, and a former Strikeforce Champion. Now Le is going to try and add UFC success story to it. This weekend Le is going to make his much anticipated UFC debut in his hometown of San Jose. It’s a moment that a lot of fight fans have been waiting for. Le is one of the most exciting fighters on the planet, has just one loss on his resume, and his kicks are devastating but he hasn’t faced the highest competition throughout his career so there are questions about how good he really is. This weekend he will face Wanderlei Silva, who is extremely accomplished himself but clearly in the twilight of his career. Silva is just 2-6 in his last eight fights and all signs point to Le having a successful debut in the UFC.

Cung Le joined WNST in Baltimore with Thyrl to talk about where he is at heading into his UFC debut this weekend, how he feels about his training heading into this fight, if he is thinking about possibly trying to send Wanderlei Silva into retirement early, and if he feels like he is a better fighter than he was when he lost to Scott Smith two years ago.

Where he is at heading into this fight:

“This is where I’m at. I’m locked and loaded ready to fire. Come November 19th there’s gonna be lightning followed by thunder from Cung Le. That’s where I’m at.”

How he feels about his training heading into the fight:

“This time around I did 80 percent of my training at AKA Headquarters where King Mo and Jon Fitch and all those guys came. Great partners over there and most of my sparring was done with King Mo who walks around at 225. I think he’s a bit heavier but I feel great. This is a week where I get to relax and do interviews. I’m pumped, I’m ready to step into that cage, and let the kicks fire.”

Whether or not he has thought about possibly trying to send Wanderlei Silva into retirement early:

“Not at all. I train to win.  I plan to win. I’m gonna go in there and fire on both cylinders and may the best man win. Right now I believe it’s my time. I’m finally in the UFC and I’m not gonna let this opportunity go by. I’ve trained very hard for this and I’m ready and confident. You go in there and doubt yourself that’s when the ‘L’s’ come. When you’re confident that’s when the ‘W’s’ come so I’m pumped.”

Whether or not he feels he is a better fighter than he was two years ago:

“I’m a much better fighter now. I’m more complete, more determined, and more fast. I’ve been working on a lot of speed and I think speed can kill ya. Wanderlei is gonna come forward and I’m gonna be like the Matador. It’s been a great, long, experience with all the fights I have. Wanderlei has a lot of experience and two fighters head-to-head with exciting styles is gonna make for a great pay-per-view for all the fans.”

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