Twins Markieff and Marcus Morris Reunite in Phoenix

The Atlanta Braves made a big splash this offseason when they brought together brothers B.J. and Justin Upton to play in their outfield. The Phoenix Suns’ move last week might not be quite on the same scale on the court, but it is in terms of cool news. They traded for Marcus Morris, bringing him to join twin brother Markieff who was already on the roster. They played in a game together for the first time Friday, with Markieff scoring 11 points in 26 minutes and Marcus scoring seven points in seven minutes in his Suns’ debut. Markieff Morris joined KTAR in Phoenix with Bickley and MJ to discuss how cool it is that his twin brother, Marcus, is on the Suns roster with him, how his brother will fit in on the Suns team, how they’ll make each other better, the state of the Suns and where his game is at right now.

You must just be extremely excited to be reunited with your brother after the Suns traded for him:

“Aw man, it’s super exciting, man. It’s definitely a blessing. I don’t know how to feel right now. I’m overwhelmed. It’s too exciting.”

When did you first learn that your team was pursuing your brother?:

“I was on the bus riding to the Golden State game and Jared Dudley was like, ‘They’re talking about trading your brother.’ So I was just calling him to see how he felt about it. And he said it was between ya’ll and Boston.”

What’s your brother’s game like and how will he fit in here?:

“He works so hard. He’s in great shape. He’s a small forward who can defend, shoot the ball well and make plays. He’s a good defender, I think. As far as the team, he’s a great teammate. He’s going to come in and fit right in with the guys.”

The Braves seem to think putting B.J. and Justin Upton together is only going to make them better. What about for you now that you guys are together?:

“I definitely think it’s going to make me a lot better. That chemistry we have is unreal. To have a guy that I’ve always played with, my entire life, just being there whenever I need somebody to talk to, to push me whenever I need that extra push, it’s definitely going to be a lot better for me.”

How excited is your family?:

“Man, they’re super excited. Less trips. Now we’ve just got to find a house with two extra bedrooms.”

Since Lindsey Hunter has taken over as coach, how has your role changed and how has that gone?:

“For me, it’s been exciting. I was close with him before he took the job. It’s just something that is a work in progress. I’m on board with him 100 percent and I love his style of coaching. He’s a defensive-minded coach and I’m a defensive-minded player, so I’ve been on board with him. It’s just a work in progress.”

You’ve added some moves to your game, but you’re not finishing maybe as well as you did in the past. Is there a level of frustration there?:

“Yeah, definitely. I’m averaging the same amount of points last year as I average this year, so I feel like it’s kind of balancing out. But with my skill set and for me, I think I definitely should be playing a lot better than what I’m playing at. I’m just keeping a positive attitude and trying to get better every day.”

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