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Trent Edwards Suddenly Has More Weapons


Trent Edwards Suddenly Has More Weapons
by Jimmy Shapiro

Terrell Owens did say that he went from playing on America’s Team to North America’s Team.  In February of 2008, the Bills signed a contract to play eight games in Toronto over a five year period at Rogers Centre in Toronto.  I absolutely love the Toronto area and think this can only benefit the NFL.The Fan 590 in Toronto wasthe first station to talk to Trent Edwards about his newest receiver.  They asked all the hard questions and Trent dodged them far better than he did pass rushers most .

The hosts asked him about the Bills off-season need to upgrade the offense;

“Before you go on any further, we need to address the fact that regardless of TO, we do have some very solid receivers that are going to make some big plays for us this entire season.  He obviously catapults us into that top category of receiving corps in this league.  In terms of changing our offense, we’re going to stick with what we’ve had and what we’re going to improve on and he’s going to be a piece of that puzzle.”

On what will make his experience with TO different from McNabb’s or Romo’s:

“I don’t think we need to compare and make any differences between the two.  I’m just a piece of the puzzle here.  There’s nine other guys besides us two on the offense.  We’re all going to try and work hard this off-season.  We’re all going to try to make it to January football this season. We were all sitting on our butts in January watching the playoffs and that’s something that didn’t sit well in my stomach.  We’re all starting the process here very early and we  don’t need to focus on individuals here it’s the entire offense that needs to improve here.”

Your reaction when you heard the Bills signed TO

“Kind of a negative point, I was at a funeral when it actually happened.  I was sitting in a church for a couple of hours thinking about this lady from home that I knew pretty well that had passed a couple of weeks ago.  I got out of the church and I had ten or twelve missed calls, five or six text messages.  I had known it was a possibility before the funeral, and then after once I saw that coming into my cellphone, I knew something had happened.”

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