Tramon Williams on his 2011 Shoulder Problems: “I Should Have Sat Down for Quite a Few Games”

Tramon Williams played in all 16 games in and only missed one in 2011, but the Green Bay Packers cornerback wasn’t quite himself in either season due to the lingering nerve damage stemming from a shoulder injury suffered in 2011. The 29-year-old says he still hasn’t full recovered. Tramon Williams joined Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore to discuss the shoulder injury that he fought through during the season, the impact that had on his ability to do his job, and the many ways in which Charles Woodson helped him earlier in his career. Finally, he stated that he feels his team has the best quarterback in football.

On fighting through shoulder injuries throughout the campaign:

“I had some tears in my shoulder and I had nerve damage in my shoulder, and it was tough. … I only missed one game because of it, but it should have been one of those things to where I should have sat down for quite a few games. But at the same time, I haven’t been hurt at any point in my career. So you always want to be that guy who shows up and sends a message to your teammates like, ‘OK, this guy, he’s hurt but he’s out here for his teammates.’ And that’s what I wanted to show. I wanted to show that I could play through that and I did. I got through it. Everyone goes through adversity at some point in their career — that was one of my points, and I got through it.”

On his game being restricted by the injury and the progress he’s making:

“We press a lot in Green Bay so I wasn’t able to do it at that point, wasn’t able to do anything. So it was kind of hard to sit back, because when you’re off you’re kind of giving away some throws. You don’t want to give up anything. So you have to kind of compensate your game for the injury, but like I said, I got through it and just continue to progress. Like I said, I had nerve damage, so that’s one thing that takes time. It could be a year, it could be two years to come back. And it’s made progress, but it’s still coming. So it’s one of those deals to where my shoulder’s still getting better at this point. I’m still working on it and hopefully it comes all the way back this year.”

On the impact Charles Woodson had on his career:

“He’s been a big impact on my career. He’s one of the reasons why I became the player that I was. Obviously his career speaks for itself — he’s done everything in the game there is to be done. But just his smarts of the game, the way he approached the game, the way he became a professional — he taught me all of those things. So hopefully I can carry all of those and continue to carry it to the younger guys on our team.”

On if Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the game:

“No doubt about it. I mean, obviously there’s some good ones out there. You always wanna give those guys their props, but Aaron, he can throw the football.”

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