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Tracy Mcgrady Is Foaming At The Mouth

Tracy McGrady Is ‘Foaming At The Mouth’
April 20, 2009 – 8:45 am by Tas Melas
Tracy McGrady might finally get out of the first round… while he’s on the injured list.  T-Mac has had a rough go of it the last couple years because of injuries and was definitely one of the league’s premier players when healthy.  Still, it hasn’t been a working formula in Houston combined with one of the two best centers in the league, Yao Ming.  The Rockets have taken a 1-0 lead on the Blazers in the 1st round but The Mac has had season ending surgery and will enjoy his first series victory halfheartedly if it comes.

He’s lead the league in scoring twice and he’s a 7-time All-Star but he made a huge boo boo when he was on the verge of escaping the first round for the first time.  In ‘01 as a member of the Magic, McGrady declared the series over when Orlando took a 3-1 lead on Detroit.  It was over… in 7 as the Pistons came back and made The Mac eat his words.  His career numbers make his playoff fates astonishing (0 for 7 in the first round).  It would be bittersweet for him if the Rockets advance, but it would be a great thing for Yao – another guy yet to see the 2nd round.  Tracy McGrady joined 790 The Zone to discuss how determined he is to come back, his pick for the finals, and the most difficult player to guard.
On his drive to recover:
“Man, you have no idea, ’cause I was just talking to my man today.  I’m foaming out the mouth right now, I’m tellin’ ya.  I’m foaming right now.  I’ve been hurting for two years but I’m on it right now, I’m grinding.  And, you know, I’m just ready.  I’m gonna get there.  All’s I need for my knee to respond like I want to and the rest gonna take care of itself.  I proved I can play in this league, I just gotta stay healthy and that’s what I’m pushing to do.”
His pick for the title:
“Lakers.  (Host: That easy, again?)  It’s no knock on Cleveland, I think Cleveland’s gonna get there… Cleveland to me is really not that good.  If you take what the Celtics did last year… You knew, they were either gonna get to the finals, or they were gonna win it.  You can’t really say the same thing about the Cavaliers.  Although, they had the best record in the league this year, a lot of people like, ‘Okay, they havin’ a great year, but we don’t know if they can win the championship.’  They really didn’t do anything on the road with the elite teams in the league, they lost, they had a bad record when they went to face the elite teams in the league.  I think they’re a good team, but I don’t they’re ready to take the next step.”
T-Mac on the toughest player to guard in the league and the full interview after the jump.
The toughest player to stop:
“No doubt.  Kobe.  No doubt.  The man is just a fierce competitor, he tries to rip your heart out no matter who he plays night in and night out.  ‘Bron is one of them guys, he gets buckets, but he also is an unselfish player.  Kobe?  Nah.  He trying to take your heart.  He gonna get it.  And, he’s gonna shoot 30 or 35 times to get it.”
Listen to Tracy McGrady on 790 The Zone
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