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Wheelchair tennis has in the recent past gained popularity across the globe as it gives the disabled an opportunity to earn a living besides having a chance to work out just like other human beings. Wheelchair tennis has indeed convinced the disabled that they truly have a role to play in sporting activities as disability should not be used as an excuse to explore a given talent.Although wheelchair tennis is just like pedestrian tennis in terms of the rackets, courts and balls, the main difference comes in the number of times the ball is allowed to bounce; it’s mostly two times.

Did you know that there a number of people who have been on the dailies headlines just because of playing this game? Let’s have a look at a few people who have been very successful by playing wheelchair tennis.

Alfie Hewett:

He is the world’s youngest wheelchair tennis player currently ranked number 27 in men’s category and number one in the World’s junior rankings. He became the world’s single winner at the age of fourteen last year and presently, he holds the world’s title for the World Junior Masters Champion. Hewett got his victory after defeating Carlos Anker; who is also a competent and talented wheelchair tennis player from Netherlands. He’s not only on the world’s records, but also on his country’s records as having been the second Briton to have such an exemplary performance. Hewett is a Briton and is very much determined to defend his title.

Esther Vergeer:

This was also very professional, dedicated and talented wheelchair tennis player who held the world number one ranking until her defeat in 30th January 2003 in Sydney by Daniele di Toro. This was after a 470 unbeaten matches which made her become one of the most envied wheelchair tennis players. In fact, most wheelchair tennis players are struggling to beat this record which had been set by Esther.

Shingo Kunieda:

Shingo, 23 year old wheelchair tennis player is a talented and admired envied by very many tennis lovers. The Japanese wheelchair tennis player became famous after clinching the first position in the Australian Wheelchair Tannins Open. He has also won other tournaments such as the US Open tournament and the Japan Open tournaments which was also held last year.

Lucy Shuker:

This is a female wheelchair tennis player who showed the world of her impeccable skills in wheelchair tennis during the London Paralympics. With her partner Jordanne Whiley, with whom they participated in the doubles, they were able to win the match after three hours which was a pretty good performance.Even though she began her career in after being discharged from rehab, she has steadily climbed to position 8 in Singles while maintaining position 7 in doubles. She is one of those wheelchair tennis players who joined this kind of sports after an accident which partially paralyzed her.This has been an exemplary performance which can only be compared with her wheelchair tennis player counter parts like Shingo Kunieda, Esther Vergeer, Carlos Anker, Jordanne Whiley and Alfie Hewett amongst other wheelchair tennis players.These are just a few top wheelchair tennis players who hold records in the word of tennis either as singles or doubles.

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