Top Mistakes That Athletes Make While Managing Their Social Media Accounts

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It is a well-known fact – a properly planned digital marketing strategy can do wonders for you and your career. However, finding the right way of communicating with your audience and increasing your visibility can be challenging. In fact, visibility is one of the main problems that athletes are struggling with. Getting the desired amount of attention is the number one priority for most social media users, yet it is vital for people operating in the sports world.

Running a successful social media campaign will help you, as an athlete, to stay connected to your fans on a daily basis with stories, funny videos, and pictures. All of these are great ways of self-promotion that drastically increase athletes’ visibility. Also, social media can help you find sponsorships easily and stay more connected to traditional media since journalists often search for popular people on social media platforms.

It is understandable why athletes need a social media presence, however, it’s not easy to manage your account properly while sports take so much time from your daily life. In this article, we’ve collected the main mistakes that athletes make while managing their social media platforms. Read and discover, if you also do any of these mistakes.

Not promoting your platform enough

As an Athlete, you should think about yourself as the main face of your brand. And just like a brand needs additional support in a form of promotion and marketing, you also need to support your platform. Share your profile on your website and other social media accounts. Try to increase your organic visibility with Social Media Marketing service on Subscriberz. In addition to that don’t hesitate to speak about your success and your career path in the content you create. Self-promotion can be difficult but as an athlete, you need it most.

Not Identifying Your Audience & The Content They want to see

Well, it is obvious that people who follow you on your social media platforms are mostly your supporters, however, how well do you actually know them? You can study more about them from your page insights. There you will find more specific information on your audience, their gender, age, origins, and the content they prefer to see. If your goal is to increase your visibility and engagement, you should understand the statistics better and make a strategy for your content marketing.

Reacting to Criticism in a Negative Way

Always remember that you are an athlete, representing either the sports team or being a solo player, – chances are that you have been against a lot of competitors during your career path. Supporters of your opponents or just people who don’t like the way you perform can easily find you on social media. And once they do, they can comment or message you in a negative way. The number one rule for you should be to ignore this kind of complaint and let them express their opinion freely. Never respond to this kind of comment negatively, since it will not change anything but harm your image in the public eye.

Not Letting Your Followers Know Things First

You should always try to be the first one who informs your supporters about your achievements. Think about it in this way – on your platform you have gathered your number one fans. They are like a family, who wants to know everything about you first. If they can’t get this information about you the earliest from your profile, then most probably they will search for it on other platforms. This way your engagement rate will go down and once you post about your achievement, it will be already too late. Therefore, try to share important updates with your followers first.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance

In the end, if you think that you are doing your maximum and it’s still not enough to fully manage your social media platforms, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from the people who know how to properly do it. It is quite understandable that sports take a lot of time out of your daily life and you may not have enough time to successfully manage your profile. Therefore, if this is the case, trust the professionals to do some work for you.


Without the proper social media presence, it is difficult for you to always stay visible and regularly stay in touch with your fans. However,  you should try to avoid these errors while managing your profile for the best possible outcomes.


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