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Tom Brady Goes Comedic Route as He Continues to Move On From Super Bowl Loss

The start of OTAs has been a welcoming sight for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. For him, the team getting back together after a couple of months signifies the start of something new, which he of course embraces after the Patriots came up just short in the Super Bowl last year. He spent the time off thinking of the multiple plays that he could have done better and perhaps achieved a better outcome. But OTAs are here to help him stop thinking about the past. A recent spoof that he did for Under Armour for Funny or Die helped him take the edge off as well. Check it out here as they poke fun at his wicked accent. Tom Brady joined WEEI in Boston with Dennis and Callahan to discuss getting over the Super Bowl, the most troublesome plays that linger in his mind, adding Brandon Lloyd to the receiving mix, his recent work with Funny or Die, if he’d do Saturday Night Live again and the long-term outlook for Wes Welker.

Have you gotten over the Super Bowl loss yet?:

“I think that’s the fun part about starting the OTA process is you really start looking forward at that point. For all of us, you suffer tough ends to seasons. Unless you win it all, it’s a tough end to the season. You have those months in there where really what you do is you think about what the past and think about what you can do better in your training. But once you start practicing, it’s a different team.”

Which play bothers you the most: The intentional grounding at the beginning or the incomplete pass to Welker late?:

“I think anytime you don’t do exactly what you hope to do, you regret them and you lay in bed at night thinking about every play that you could’ve done a little bit better on. So, I mean, I could fix a lot of plays in that game that I think I could’ve done better.”

On Brandon Lloyd joining the wide receiver fold:

“Brandon’s going into his 10th year, so he really is a professional as well. He knows how to prepare himself and has been in our offense, so he has at least familiarity with the things that we’re doing. It’s been fun working with him; we haven’t been out there long. We’ve got a ton of practices to go. Hopefully we make progress every day. Hopefully when we’re on the field we’re communicating and talking through stuff in the film room and talking through stuff on the game field. … Ultimately this game is about anticipation. If you’re not on the same page as your receivers or running backs or your offensive linemen, you can never anticipate and you just react.”

On his recent video with Funny or Die:

“It actually, it’s not like Tom Hanks in Castaway, it’s not like I’m playing some dramatic role. It’s pretty much being me. It was fun. It’s interesting when you work with some people for a few years and they go, ‘Why don’t we try this?’ When I saw what they were asking me to do, I thought it could be pretty good. There were some funny parts of that day that maybe they caught on some B-roll stuff. I was laughing pretty much the whole day until they told me to get pissed.”

Would you do Saturday Night Live again?:

“I would. That would be fun to do again at some point if I had the opportunity. That was a great experience. Like a lot of things, you go through them and you don’t appreciate them until they’re over. That was one of those experiences where I loved doing it, but then really realized how much I loved doing it when it was over.”

Would you like to see the Patriots give Wes Welker a wedding gift of a multi-year deal so you guys can play out your career together?:

“Well, I wish there was an immediate answer. I always support Wes, but none of those decisions are up to me and these things end up working themselves out at some point. Sometimes I get emotionally involved in those situations and it doesn’t work out well for me, so I just try to support him as a friend. We’re all in this business and it’s a tough business and you always hope for the best.”

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