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Tom Brady Bemoans His Offense’s Consistency Through Six Games Despite Having The Top Passing Game In The League

Once again Tom Brady has his New England Patriots off to a good start. Despite having to work in new receivers at times and dealing with injuries to his top pass-catchers, Brady is once again playing at an MVP level and New England is sitting on top of the AFC east standings. Despite having the number one passing attack in the league statistically, Brady is still not satisfied. The reigning NFL MVP has doubled his interception total from all of last year in just six games so far and now that the bye week is in the past, Brady and the Pats begin the second half of their season with an eye on a Super Bowl Championship. It’s a good thing the Patriots are rested, as New England travels to Pittsburgh to play against the reigning AFC Champs.

Tom Brady joined Jim Gray on Westwood One to talk about the performance by New Orleans on Sunday Night Football, whether or not he thought the Saints ran up the score, what he thinks of the comeback by Tim Tebow and the Broncos, if the bye week came at the right or wrong time, and how he feels about his team moving forward.

On the Saints performance against Indianapolis:

“I don’t think many teams score 62 points in three weeks. For them to do it in one week is pretty impressive and they’ve always been a very good offensive football and they’re playing very efficiently. They’re one of the teams that I really like to watch on a weekly basis to see what they’re doing offensively because they really know how to attack defenses and to see them put up 62 points, and we have played the Colts defense plenty of times and they are a good defense, they’ve got some great players on defense, it’s just a great offensive output. New Orleans is obviously one of the best teams in football right now.”

Whether or not he thinks the Saints ran up the score:

“I think there is a lot to be gained every week and on every play that you take. There’s no snap that I take that I’m not learning something from. Our coach always says we put you out there to score, we don’t put you out there to run three plays and punt.  I really think the offense’s job is to move the football and get it in the end zone. We’re all professionals and that’s what we try to do every time we take the field.”

What he makes of Tim Tebow’s comeback against the Dolphins:

“I saw the highlights and it was an incredible game. If you’re a fan of the NFL that’s what you’re paying to watch. It’s games like that that really keep people in tune and keep people watching. I was watching ‘till the end. Not only because Miami is a division rival, but it was an exciting game and the last three minutes were as good as it gets by Denver’s offense and by their team. They played some great situational football. To score 15 points in three minutes is pretty impressive. Then to go into overtime and get a defensive play to help you win the game too and get a great special teams kick, it really is a team win and a complimentary game. They played well down the stretch right when you need to. You have to keep playing for 60 minutes and Denver really did that. Tim obviously led them to a big win in Miami.”

If he thinks the bye week came at the right time:

“In my 12th year any time the bye week comes is the right time. Your body can use the rest, your mind can use the break, and it’s a great chance for the players to get a bit of rest and also to really evaluate the things we’ve done well and the things we need to do better going forward. There’s really no breaks after this. We play every week from here on out for the next two months. This is really when the good teams try to separate themselves and I think our team has obviously set ourselves up in a good position, but five wins doesn’t get you anything in the NFL. You don’t do anything with five wins. We have a huge one this weekend in Pittsburgh, we know how challenging it is to play at Pittsburgh, and we’re gonna use every bit of preparation to get ready for these guys because we’re playing one of the best teams in the AFC.”

How he feels about his team moving forward this year:

“Our overall level of consistency needs to be better. There’s games where we’ve come out of the games feeling like we stopped ourself. I speak on offense. I allow the defensive guys to handle it themselves. What we need to do is we need to play more consistent brand of football. We’ve had too many turnovers this year. We’ve had eight interceptions which is way too many through six games of the year. Cut down on turnovers, cut down on penalties, continue to make the plays that are there. I’ve had plenty of opportunities and I want to do a better job here down the stretch of seeing the field, getting the ball to the open receiver, and getting it to him where he can actually do something with it. We’ve got quite a few playmakers on offense that have shown their dependability and my level of execution needs to go up along with the entire offense. I really feel like we’re capable of it. We just have to go out there and do it.”

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