Tim Tebow Wanted to Play for the Dallas Cowboys Growing Up, Stayed ‘Secluded’ from the Media Attention this Season

Tim Tebow was a lightening rod of controversy this season, from his mechanics, throw placement and arm rotation, or the fact that he preaches his religion before and after every game. It was a roller coaster season for No.15 as he took over as the Denver Broncos starting quarterback midway through the season and led his team to the playoffs.Hear straight from the source himself on his take of the ‘Tebowing’ madness and all the attention he received throughout the season.Tim Tebow joined The Dan Patrick Show to discuss whether he had fun during his first full season as a starting quarterback, the NFL team he wanted to play for growing up, his assessment of his season, the tremendous amount of media attention he received this season and the lowest point of the up-and-down campaign.

Did you have fun this season?

“I did. I did. It was a very special season for me being the first season to really get to play. I think the cool thing for me is really trying to take and I know it sounds cliche, but one day at a time. One game at a time and enjoy the moment. I’m living a dream and if you asked me when I was 6 years old that I’d be playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos? I would have said that was a dream come true. I really try to enjoy the moment and not look too far ahead and not look in the past.”

Who was the team you rooted for growing up that you wanted to play for while playing in the backyard?

“Well, one the Florida Gators, but in the NFL actually it was the Dallas Cowboys. Emmitt Smith was my favorite player and he was a Gator and maybe the best running back of all-time. I did get to meet Barry Sanders last night, so that was pretty cool as well because he was a great running back.”Your fair assessment of this season and your performance?“More than anything the longer the game went the better I felt because the better I was seeing defenses, the more I would play in that game. I think the better our conditioning was as a team. By the end of games I think we were just playing and believing and having fun and trusting each other. I think that’s why we did better in the 4th quarter.”

What did you think of the media coverage of yourself?

“To be honest I really tried not to pay too much attention to it. You hear it because it’s hard to block everything out. I really try to stay secluded with close friends and family and go into the office early and stay late and try not to listen to it.”

The most down you got this year was when?

“Probably after the loss to the Chiefs [Week 17], the last regular season game of the year. [Dan Patrick: That hit you like the loss to Ole Miss in college?] They were both pretty disappointing. It was just disappointing because we were controlling our own destiny if we won. We lost and we didn’t know if we were going to get in. That was very disappointing, but I think right afterwards I was really able to put things into perspective because I got to have a kid come to the game and we actually met on twitter and he said he was ‘Tebowing,’ so we built a relationship and he came to that game. I spent time before the game and after. Then I was upset and frustrated after the game, but then I went to see him and that totally puts things into perspective because here’s a kid that fighting for his life and I just lost a game. At the end of the day that’s what it is…a game. Here’s a kid where I have an opportunity to put a smile on his face and encourage him and brighten his day and ultimately as much as we care about the game and winning, affecting his life is more important.”

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