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Tim Tebow Rebounds with Monster Game to Send Broncos Past Defending AFC Champion Steelers

Incredible. After three consecutive losses to end the season, highlighted by poor offensive performances by Tim Tebow in all three, the Denver Broncos bounced back with an outstanding winning effort against the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth and final matchup of Wild Card Weekend. On the first play of overtime, the Broncos sent the Steelers packing with Tebow’s tenth completion of the game — an 80-yard catch and run to Demaryius Thomas.

The 80-yard game-winner gave Tebow 316 yards for the night, an eerie number for those inclined to believe that there’s some divine intervention in Tebow’s corner. In all seriousness though, a job well done by the much-maligned quarterback. Tebow continually beat the Steelers for big chunks of yardage in the passing game, and his pocket presence kept him from being sacked even once on the night by the Steelers’ attacking defense. Tebow joined Westwood One after the Broncos overtime win against the Steelers to talk about the Broncos’ thrilling overtime win over the Steelers on Sunday evening, jumping out to a lead against Pittsburgh and how that may have helped Denver with its strategy for the rest of the game, the success of the passing attack after several weeks of struggling mightily, and next weekend’s matchup with the New England Patriots.

On the thrilling overtime win over the heavily favored Steelers:

“First and foremost, I’ve just got to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ, and thank my teammates. What an effort! I’m so proud of everybody — the coaches, players, the fans. I mean, we’re the only people who believed we could do this. We just believed in ourselves, kept the faith, and that’s a very good Pittsburgh Steelers team.”

On jumping out to a lead against the Steelers and how that changed the approach for the rest of the game for Denver offensively:

“We just came out, we were aggressive from the start. We hit some big plays, we should have put it in the end zone. You’ve got to give them a lot of credit. They played great red zone defense.”

If there was a change in philosophy about how to attack with the passing game:

“You know, just try to come out here and play our game, the same game we’ve tried to play all year. I feel we’re getting better every week, and I just appreciate the opportunity to play for a great organization, great fans and great teammates.”

On an even bigger game and test next weekend against New England:

“We knew that every game we play, if we win, is going to get bigger. Right now we’re just going to be focused on celebrating, having a good time, and getting focused on getting ready for New England which is a great team and we have a lot of respect for them.”

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