Tim Tebow Kills Them With Kindness

Has there ever been a more polarizing player in football than Tim Tebow?  ESPN surely thinks so as it’s all Tebow all the time there. Deadspin even does a weekly post called Bristolmetrics to monitor how often ESPN is talking about the backup quarterback for the Jets.  Tebow and the Jets have even pushed the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants off the back page of the New York newspapers One person who hasn’t been shy in his disdain for Tebow as a quarterback is Boomer Esiason.  He said a few weeks back that the Jets should cut Tebow. This morning Boomer got a chance to talk to Tebow.

Tim Tebow joined WFAN in New York with Boomer and Cartonto talk about whether he is surprised with the attention he has gotten since being traded to New York, if he thinks it is funny that people are charting his training camp plays, on the relationship between him and Mark Sanchez, how he would classify himself, how tough it was to be traded from Denver, what he would like Jets fans to know about him, and Boomer talks to Tebow about thinking he should be cut a few weeks back.

Are you surprised with the attention you’ve gotten?

“Sometimes it is surreal to really think that there’s people tracking your every move, everything that you do, the scrutiny and sometimes that is a little surreal. I really try not to think about it. I just try to live my life day to day, meeting to meeting, practice to practice and stay focused on the little things and not worry about everything else like what’s in the tabloids, what’s in the papers and what people are saying about me.”

If he thinks it’s funny that people are charting his plays:

“It’s pretty funny to me. How is anyone going to know anything about those three plays or a scramble or anything.”

On the relationship between him and Mark Sanchez:

“First and foremost I appreciate you saying those nice things about my time at Florida and I think the situation here is a little bit different than that. Mine and Mark’s relationship is great. We have been friends for a long time and I think that will stay the same because I think we’re two guys that try to hold up integrity, character and doing the right thing. So I think we’re always going to put our friendship and how we treat each other number one, before anything else in the tabloids or anything else. I don’t think it’s a distraction because we both want to do whatever it is to help this team win football games. That’s our attitude, that’s our mindset and we’re not going to listen to what people say on the outside. We’re going to stay close, stay together and as a team try to do whatever we can to try to win football games.”

Does it mean more to hear people say Tim Tebow NFL quarterback or Tim Tebow NFL player?

“I think more than anything you would want someone to say ‘there’s someone that helps the team win football games.’ That’s ultimately why you play the game is to win and however I can help a team win football games, that’s what I want to do. It’s been my dream since I was six-years-old to be an NFL quarterback and I’m very thankful I have gotten the opportunity to live that dream and I’m continuing to live that dream.”

How he would classify himself:

“I consider myself a quarterback that they ask me to do other things to help this team. If I have the ability and attributes to go do something else and help this team then I’m going to put my heart and soul into doing that.”

If he felt the playoff win over the Steelers was the validation he was looking for:

“I don’t think it was just that moment. I think it was the six game winning streak, I think it was some of the come-from-behind wins, I think it was helping lead my team to a playoff game and then it was great playing the number one defense in the NFL in our stadium and being able to win a big playoff game and then go play Tom Brady and the Patriots but there were a lot of special things last season. That’s in the past.”

How disappointing was it to be traded from Denver?

“If you have seen my press conference you know I was excited to be a Jet. It was something where I have great memories, I had a great time, great relationships in Denver but that was for a certain time and that time is up. I had to move on and I was excited about becoming a Jet. I love the people here, the relationships are great, I feel like we have an opportunity to do some good things here and I’m looking forward to the road ahead.”

What he would like Jets fans to know:

“For the Jets fans I just want them to know when we go out there and play this year and I step onto that field I’m giving my heart and soul every single play, every single drive, every single game and leave everything I have out there. I will give the most energy and effort I can possibly give and love doing it at the same time. That’s all you can give is everything you have and that’s what I will give every single play.”

Three weeks ago I said cut Tim Tebow. The reason I say that is because of the distraction. I told that to Rex and told that to  Sparano. Both of them ooze with confidence of who you are as player and a teammate which is a credit to you.  Do you consider yourself a quarterback that should be in the shotgun. That has to be a dual threat instead of throwing 35-40 times a game. Do you think you can win a Super Bowl that way?

I think there are some things that come easier to me than others. I think one being in the shotgun since I’ve done it  since I was a sophomore in high school. That’s definitely easier to me. There are some things I’ve done more than others. I haven’t done as many under center play action drops, sevens,  that’s stuff I continue to work at.. I really do, it’s not cliche I feel like I’m getting every single day at it.  This is my third offense in three year.  So if I stay at this pace, I’ll know all of them pretty soon.   I feel like I’m getting better at all my weaknesses and those are really the things I’m really working hard  every single day to get better at and that excites me.  In situations and gameplans, we’ll also do the things come a little bit easier to me.

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